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Man. I have been searching for something that didn't make my face look flaky. I was using Make Up Forevers HD foundation.... and for some reason that made me really really flakey. I've been using Taz since Nov... and it's hard to find make up that can work with my current skin. I feel like I'm in between dry and oily. It's like limbo skin. Anyways, I went to the store and got a couple items from cover girl.

1. Cover Girl Clean sensitive foundation

2. Cover Girl Professional loose powder

3. True Match Blush

So far, my face isn't flaking I don't really feel oily..... yet. We shall see. I believe the foundation and powder will not clog pores but I don't know about the blush. Has anybody had any experiences with these items? Any feedback would seriously be awesome. I've been struggling for a long time with make up. I work out every day during the week and I only wear make up on weekends.... so seriously any feedback much appreciated! hehehhe

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What about bare minerals? Any feedback on that?

Bare minerals is crap -_- it might work for some people but I know when I had it (and I spent $60 on it) it made me look orange and cakey and I started breaking out from it at a time when my skin was almost clear.

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Well I was using the CG for a while. It didn't help much and I couldn't find my shade. I'm a warm medium. I also broke out and felt dry when I wore it.

I used to wear bareminerals. But it's crap!!! Coverage was eehh. So I just switched to

Silk Naturals

I bought the starter kit. I've been using it for a week. It's coverage is nice. I have original coverage right now but I'm waiting to get my medium coverage kit. It last long and it doesn't dry the skin either. Shine control is needed but they have some primers and such that should help I don't know yet since they are also on the way along with the medium coverage kit. Finding the right shade isn't difficult they are really helpful when it comes to making the right shade.

Breakouts aren't really happening either. I have had little bumps here and there but nothing that Dan's BP or the AHA haven't gotten rid off. So really right now it seems like it's beating everything else I have tried. I don't look cakey or too made up. Just natural. Money wise it's not expensive not even the shipping. I paid $3 in shipping which is almost what I would pay in taxes anyway if I bought from the store. So overall pretty darn good. I'll keep you posted though.

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So the stuff that I got.. I'm wearing it now. IT'S AWESOME. SO AWESOME. Ugh. I feel like I finally got a color that matches me. And the powder is loose powder. I have a friend who works in makeup and she says that loose powder is better than pressed because it allows your skin to breathe better and absorbs oil. Me so excited.... hehehhehe

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