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How to adjust The Regimen

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:sad: My skin puffs up whenever I apply Benzoil Peroxide. What is the next best thing to use? How can I alter The Regimen so I can have clear skin, too?

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Ohhhhhh *hugs* I'm so sorry.

But, don't panic, you might be lucky enough to find that another topical will work for you. I did my regimen (different than Dan's) for 5 weeks with NO BP at all, and it was working great. Currently I ony use BP sparingly and every few days....but I'm trying to work it OUT of my regimen again and see if I can go completely without it.

Your weapons of choice to replace the BP might be:

SA (salicylic acid also called Beta Hydroxy) which exfoliates the skin from the surface. Seems like pretty good stuff on non-inflammatory acne, like little whiteheads and blackheads and clogged pores. Might not be ideal on other types of acne, but as a preventative, it might keep those at bay too.

Remember, you're trying to prevent new pimples, not worried so much about killing existing ones, as stupid as that might sound to you at first. All pimples start in the SAME way... no matter what they look like after they've "matured" into their final selves.

What else? Some people (me!!) LOVE GA / Glycolic Acid / AHA lotions, gels etc. This exfoliates too, but woks from inside the pore, as opposed to on the surface of the skin.

Some people like a tea tree oil wash, or topical of some sort. I have mixed feelings about this, since I love the tea tree oil in my cleanser, but when I tried buying straight oil had poor results. Still my findings on tea tree oil aren't the be all and end all. It does have the ability to kill the p. acne bacteria and is supposed to help a little with inflammation. It is slower than BP, but can be beneficial as a tool.

What do I use? (Sorry to everyone who has endured my rantings about my wonderful program time and again) St. Ive's Clear Pore Cleanser (has tea tree oil and SA in it), Alpha Hydrox Oil Free Gel (10% GA / AHA), Neutragena Oil Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin. (like I said above, I do use BP now and again, but am weaning myself off of it again.)

Does that help give you a start? It won't go super fast, but with time and consistency (twice a day for 6-8 weeks) you should see improvement.

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Betterdays, thank you for that list of possibilities! It was very nice of you to respond and explain to me.

Mdawq22, most of my face is clear but there are blackheads on my nose, a few small whiteheads (I guess that is what they are) on my forehead, and occasionally a HUGE red lump will show up. After one of those comes, it might be followed within the next couple of days by one or two more. There are some red and blue discolorations left over from previous lumps. These lumps are very sensitive to touch. Perhaps they are cycts. I find it hard to classify what is what when it comes to acne.

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