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Been 2 years off BC and my skin is still breaking out

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Hey hey all,

Let me give you a short insight of my acne history: I'm 25 now, i had acne when i was a teenager but BC took care of it and cleared me up completely. Now I've stopped BC 2 years ago and since then my skin got as worse as it was never before. It was so bad that my dermatologist gave me a low dose accutane therapy. 10mg a day for 12 months. It cleared me up within 2 months but after i stopped I started breaking out again. This time not as bad as before but it's still going on my nerves. My whole face is full of these small not inflamed bumps under the skin and nothing seems to get rid of them. Additionally i get around 2-3 active bumps on my cheeks all the time. It's really frustrating.

I'm 99% sure that this is a hormonal issue but BC had some bad results on my mood and stuff so I would rather never take it again. I wonder if another low dose accutane course would get rid of my problems but i'm really not sure what to do. Wouldn't the spots just come back afterwards like they did last time? Since this is all a hormonal issue that is. Should I just go back to BC and get some quality of life back? I'm constantly feeling unsecure about my spots. It's so annoying and makes me sad whenever i see it in the mirror. Most ppl tell me that it doesn't look that bad but it bugs me alot. Topical treatments don't seem to do anything either

What should I do? Back to BC? Or back to ISO?

I hope you can help me...

Thanks alot!

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I would just be careful of going back on BC to control it because when/if you come off it again to have children your acne would likely come back? Have you tried or would you try the regimen. I mean it's not a miracle cure, but I came off BC and it's helping my breakouts.

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yea i did try it and it does clear me up a bit but i have extremely sensitive skin that gets extremely red / dry and even the best moisturiser didn't help with it. i couldnt even use make up cause of the dryness and going out without it was also looking horrible...

as far as i know it only works for as long as you use it. is that correct?

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