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fml, seriously, cannot deal with this shit anymore

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Okay, let me start off, the weather is great, sunny perfect weather. I want to go outside but i can't. fml

I burnt my skin from a glycolic peel gel 35% 2 weeks ago. I have received countless scabs on my left cheek only. Now They started to peel off, it's all red and fresh, looks fucking gross as fuck.

around 2 weeks after, I went outside for about an hour, My skin the next day flared up with tiny clusters of red bumps(idk if it's acne). It iches! I don't know what to do, it's all my one side of my face. it's ichy and annoying, red new skin, red bumps, all in one side of my face. What the hell should i do..? I'm soooo pissed off, I'm going outta my mind. I can't deal with this massive shit anymore.

I have a important camp to attend to in 1 month, and in 2 months, school starts, i must get rid of this shit beforehand. fuck. seriously pissed of the fuck off. it gets worse every fucking day. (sorry for my language, this is only place i can express my anger)

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i kno how u feel. ive been crying all morning. i have a cyst under my right eye. ive been taking pills for it. it has not gone away. i hate going into work its so embarrasing. add it to my ongoing depression. its a night mare. the weather is amazing and i feel like this has ruined my whole summer vaction. i came home to have fun and i feel like im hiding in my own home. if i try to go out i cant take people staring at me constantly.

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If it itches...this might sound crazy but it might be a fungus. Tiny uninflamed bumps that don't come to a head. Try using apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil if you have either on hand.

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I have absoultly no idea what to do, because I was told not to use any AHA products on my new forming skin from scabs. I completly fucked myself over. fuck this

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