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Looking for something to help with dryness/flakiness

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Repost from intro thread. didn't get any response so I thought it might be more suitable here.


Long, boring story short; skin was never a problem until about 2 1/2 years ago (I'm a couple months away from 25) and for some reason, things when NUTS! Skin was horrible for close to a year. . . Just horrible. I don't even want to think about it.. ick. Anyway, I finally got it under "control" after about a year using 10% BP, but up until just recently things were never so good that I could relax (I'm still not relaxed but finally feeling in real control of the situation). I would get 1 new pimple a week in a good week and 3 to 5 in a bad week. Then about a month ago I decided that I couldnt stand this back and forth self-confidence to sinking to not leaving my apartment for a couple days because I was so ashamed. Well, I didn't decide that a month ago, I just hadn't found a solution until then. AHA ( not Dan's ) totally cleared up all inflamed acne in me. I havn't had a single inflamed pimple since going on it, aside from two that came and went quickly right after I went on it. So I think I finally found the riiight mixture for my skin... almost

That brings me to the question. AHA/BP combo has worked wonders for MOST of my face. If i use the AHA alone in some spots, I have no inflamed acne but I'll end up with small little whiteheads all over; if i use BP and no AHA in some spots I'll get some inflamed acne but no little whitehead action. The combination (plus a twice weekly baking soda wash) has solved the issue for the past month COMPLETELY - something that has not happened since getting acne. The problem is this: the combination of all these products has dried the shit out of my nose. It flakes and stings in the crevasses between the nostril and cheek, the skin under my eyes right by the nose gets stingy and flakey. If i don't use an exfoliant on the nose/skin next to/just above it, I get weird ...oily, flakey, red buildup. I do not get acne in this area though. I don't think I've had a pimple on my nose or near it since high school (when a zit here and there was nothing but a thaaang) But I need to be abrasive with it or I get this build up; when I'm abrasive with it I get flakes and stinging. I would just stop with the AHA on the nose and stick to the baking soda wash every few days to lessen the problem but AHA has TOTALLY cleared up the oil deposits I've had to wipe away from my nose every hour for the past two years... Sigh.. never enough So...finally my real question (sorry for all the words) does anyone know of a product out there that can relief my nose and the surrounding area? I can't find jojoba oil nearby and ordering online is not possible at the moment. I'd like to try it, but, alas... Aloe? Cocobutter? I don't know. I'm not worried about breaking out -- maybe i should be -- but that has never been a problem with this area of my face. Any suggestions would be helpful. Has anyone experienced something like this?... Having like... "Sections" of your face, each zone responding differently to treatment and, thus, having to adjust exactly what you use on each part of your face? Once again, sorry for the wordiness... the verbiage... anyway.. hi. thanks and sorry if this can go somewhere else and you did not heed my waarning at the start of this mess of text

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