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Cost of Acctane on Private Prescription in the UK

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Hi. I joined the forum yesterday.

A bit of background, I have had Acne since I was about 13, I am now 31. When I was younger I tried a few different medications, namely tetracyclines and they never seemed to help. After my teens I just lived with the issue. Just turned 31 though and to be honest I am sick of them now and I am more determined to just get rid. I think when I was younger I made the mistake of assuming I wasn't clean enough and now I know a bit more about it, I just want a solution to the issue.

Anyways, the reason I am posting a new one here is to ask if anyone has gone through the private way of getting Accutane. I am debating going to a private dermatologist if my GP will not refer me to the NHS route, in addition, if the waiting is a long time, I think i'd rather pay to get it started sooner. I don't want to wait 3 months for another doctor to want to try other alternatives when I think I have had enough of the disappointment of other antibiotics etc.

If anyone has gone private, how much did it cost and when was this? I am trying to find out just how much I should need to cover the course? If on the NHS, is the Accutane the cost of a prescription? I am totally unawares, I haven't really had a prescription for anything in like 10 years!

Thanks for reading.

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Im not sure about going private, but I believe that on the NHS it is just the cost of a prescription, so not too much.

I lost my job a while ago which sucks, but it at least means getting my accutane freee :)

I am on my last few weeks of the stuff. I dont want to finish taking it. Its cleared me up lots and lots, with the only side effect being quite dry lips. Dreading my cystic acne coming back whe I finish.

Anyway, must go. I have what I think is my last blood test in a hour or so.

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An update to the post, I went to my dermatologist yesterday and got prescribed Accutane so all is good. Lets see how it goes eh?!

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Did you go private or NHS in the end? I went on the NHS originally, but had to wait months for an appointment and am fed up this time, so looking to go private, which my work pays for- I just have to pay for the medication.

I've heard people saying it costs about £200 for a course, which is much more pricey than the £7 on the NHS, but I'd rather pay than wait.

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I too am really interested in the costs of obtaining accutaine privately.

Anyone got some info on price?


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Hi, i did discuss the cost with my gp prior to going the nhs route, i was told the cost was roughly £200 per box of tablets plus you would have to pay for the blood tests and the consultation and ongoing appointments with a dermatologist so the cost was sky high because you not just paying for the actual cost of the medication its all the other stuff, in my opinion its much cheaper to wait.

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