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I never ever touch my face except when I wash myself.

That is two times per day. I use Dove Baby soap. That's it.Nothing else.

Every morning I drink four glasses of water on empty stomach. Then I make a juice (beets, carrots, lemon, celery, sometimes ginger and a cucumber), and I have it on empty stomach.

I make myself a breakfast, one egg, pro omega 3, have 4-5 slices of rice bread, blueberries, 90% dark chocolate, blueberries, strawberries, honey, jam, pepper spread, hot cocoa as drink, and perhaps an orange juce as well.The next day I normally have Oats with soy or rice milk, with honey and almonds.

For Lunch I have Green Salad with Radish, dressing Olive Oil, Apple Vinegar and salt. Then Fish with carrots, sweet potatoes or rice. I cook for myself everyday. Prefer Salmon, Mackerel, Trout, Cod, Basa, Tilapia Anchovies, and love sushi.

Dinner, more salad, rice pudding, made with brown rice, rice milk and brow sugar, and very often cranberries with honey or brown sugar.

As snack I have Oatmeal to go, or rice snack.

I listen to classical and jazz, as it makes me very relaxed. Sometimes I like to listen to trance, but seldom.I don't drink too much alcohol, but only a glass red wine, or a beer or two on the weekend. Actually the only time I get drunk is when I go on vacation down south.

I simply, don't believe that this sickness can be beaten from the outside. As from the outside I would treat only my face, and that is with harsh chemicals. The main thing is to balance the oil glands. Not too much, not too little oil. How to achieve this? No clue. There will be a cure some day, but I'll probably be older and won't need it.I am also positive, that after hundred year or so, people will turn back and say, "how could people live with acne back then, and couldn't do anything or very little about it. It must have been horrible."

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I started taking probiotics in the morning, on empty stomach.

I also take saw palmeto2X, nettle leaf2X and Panthetine3X, with meals.

Broke up with my girlfriend and I also quit bothering myself with my problematic skin. I am just so exhausted.

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There will be a cure some day, but I'll probably be older and won't need it.I am also positive, that after hundred year or so, people will turn back and say, "how could people live with acne back then, and couldn't do anything or very little about it. It must have been horrible."

:lol: I'd love to be around when a cure's found! :lol: You've got a pretty good diet there anyway, sorry to hear about the girlfriend :confused:

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What Causes Acne

1.Hyperplasia of the oil glands - Overproduction of oil on the skin

2.Hyperkeratenization of the hair follicle - Overprouction of the cells that line the wall of the canal that can block the tunnel itself

3.Proliferation of the Propionbacterium Acnes - normal bacteria that lives on our skin but proliferates too much when there's oil around

4.The things listed above, can lead to ruptured follicle and a nasty infection

The Clear Skin Diet

So, what causes acne and all that, is the oil. Oily skin is a heredity, so is acne. It is all the mechanism, the hormones and their receptors, and all our metabolism. There are two ways to cure your self of this. First, is to go away by itself, to grow out of the problem. The second is Accutane, that has countless side effects. Everything else, does not cause acne, but can only aggravate or improve the condition.

For some reason, I gave it a try and went to see a derm. Waited there for 2hrs even though I had an appointment, and when I finally saw him, there was this 70 something old school doctor, that saw my face using a lamp and a loop, and started prescribing antibiotics like crazy, this time topical only. Later oral maybe. I told him, that it is very sad how little has medicine advanced in this field as they are still using the same treatments that have been used for the past 50 years. Screw antibiotics, I would rather go pro. And I do take probiotics every morning. Had I listened to the dermatologists, I would have been a disaster.

My real thing is the dove baby wash and dove baby soap. I've been using these for a long time and they are great. Nothing works so well. Only this mild soap that can not affect the sking and the ph. The derm advised me to use Sebum Wash by Bioderma, but this thing has made my skin extremely oily. So, I WILL NEVER SEE A DERM regarding my oily skin EVER AGAIN!

So far, having a strict diet, and excellent lifestyle has improved my skin condition by around 70%. I know there is not much more to be done, except to forget about this shit, and focus my energy on something else. Cause the more I fight it, the more it comes back. That's it, I'm done.

By the way these are the side effects and the things that I have experienced and done because of my oily skin.





Drove my folks at home crazy

Excellent physical health

Excellent body shape

lot of travelling (tried to see how my skin condition is elsewhere)

lot of reading (tried to educate myself on skin, and later, tried to forget about my condition)

lot of sex (my mom have always said that if I had more sex my problem would go away)

When I see on this forum all the things that people put on their skin, I am just thinking that all they do is putting stuff on their face all day long. Stop it. All those chemical, It's all business, someone trying to sell something, to make PROFIT. You have destroyed your natural skin barrier and all the bacteria whether good or bad. I am not talking about the ones that have severe acne condition. Those ones need to go on Accutane I say. It has side effects, but what medication doesn't. If you need it, you need it, right?

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It's been a while since the last time I wrote here. Back then I was in great distress.

Now I am very relaxed, and have almost solved the skin issue. I've been very persistent in keeping pace, in terms of good nutrition, exercise and stress. This, combined with Retin A micro 0.04% has produced some impressive results. Acne is so complex chronic disease that nobody really knows the exact mechanisms behind it. My face only three months ago was soaked with oil. THen all of a sudden, for some unknown reason, the oil went away. On some days my skin was normal, meaning, no oil at all. I didn't change anything, neither the cleansing method, nor the diet. And now, that I am on Retin A micro, have no side effects at all, and the results are excellent. You should have seen me some time ago. I was going nuts. B5, fish every day, no sugar at all, slept for 9hrs, no masturbation. It seems funny to me now. All that craziness for nothing. I strongly believe that three things can influence acne. Lifestyle(diet, stress, exercise) + happiness + topical Retin A. This is a long term process, and to see results may take at least 3-4 months, that is if the pace is kept. For some people it wouldn't matter whether they do anything, really, the acne would still be persistent. But certainly it's worth a try.

Remember, there's no such thing that can make the oiliness disappear overnight. You can't wake up with a new face. It takes a long long time. Sometimes so long, that you won't know whether the acne disappeared on it's own, or it is a result of your effort.

Another thing is, Do Not Focus your whole attention on this. I know it's hard, and this can drive you crazy, but there's really not much you can do right now. The medicine knows this much. By obsessing yourself, you are making things worse.

Eat some good quality cake, and eat dark chocolate. Do not deprive yourself from everything. Eliminate trans fats from the diet completely, and try to have healthy meals. I feel great now. My energy levels are very high, and even when I have a small pimple once on a while it goes away very quickly.

If you are on antibiotics, try to get off them, or decrease the intake. Get some probiotic pills, to improve the microflora in the gut.

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