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I am DONE with soap!!

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I read a post by another member, who had stopped washing their face and it prompted me to take the step that I have been debating for months! I have only been rinsing my face with water for 4 days now, and I have already seen a DRASTIC change in my skin!

I am 26 years old and have had acne since I was about 20. Because I never had a problem with my skin during my teen years, i have been racking my brain trying to figure out what could have caused the issue to develop. I remember very clearly that I began washing my face during my second year of college because i thought it would keep my skin from aging too fast. Ever since then, I have been paranoid about my appearance. All the washing and scrubbing caused irritation which lead to acne. The worse it got, the harder I tried to get rid of it. I kept slathering on the topical creams, thinking it would help, but it never did. My acne is very centralized... on my chin and mouth area. The skin in this area became red and inflamed, and I kept getting huge cystic acne that took weeks to heal. Along my jawline, I kept getting pimple on top of pimple, until my skin became tough, almost leathery. It was disgusting. I used to look at pics of myself in high school and wonder what went wrong, again, thinking that I needed to wash my face to control my acne. Boy was I wrong!

Several months ago, I started using a face wash by Alba. Because it is very gentle, compared to other soaps, I did start to see some improvement, but the acne never went away completely. I would still lather on lotion after I had washed, and before long, I ended up with tiny little whiteheads all over my chin. Even though my skin felt moisturized, it was drying out. It felt so tight and painful.

So, last week, I was doing some research online and came across this site and Waterwater's post. I started to consider when my acne started and how everything I have been doing thus far has only hurt my condition. I have not used any kind of soap on my face for 4 days now, and the difference is amazing! I currently have two medium-sized pimples on my chin, but they are not red or inflamed. In fact, nearly all of the facial redness is GONE! I can look at myself in the mirror, without make-up on, and look into my own eyes, instead of being distracted by my chin! There are some small whiteheads as well, but they are drying up on their own now; everyday I wake up and my face looks better :surprised:

As I said earlier, I am still rinsing my face, and I do use powder makeup (easier to rinse off than liquid foundation). My skin felt dry for the first day or two without lotion, but I really don't even miss the lotion anymore. At night, I do put aloe, straight from the plant, on to help heal the wounds that are still there, and it is working nicely.

I have also tried to increase my water intake to keep my skin from getting too dry, since I'm not using lotion anymore. After 4 days, I have NEVER seen this kind of progress in the battle against acne! I have my skin back!

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Good luck in your test. I use two different soaps, one in the morning with Tea Tree Oil and one in the night with castor oil and some other stuff. Seems to be working OK.

I also use moisturizer.

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