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Neck Acne/Rash? Please Help guys!

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Hey guys I've been dealing with this problem for a while and it is truly depressing because its summer and I've been staying at home everyday as a result of this.

About 2 months ago I started getting these skin colored bumps on my neck. They looked like goosebumps and itched sometimes so I didnt not think too much of them. One day I was stupid enough to scrub really hard with a loofa on the area of the bumps and all hell broke loose. I started breaking out. I got these whiteheads that do not appear to be your normal whiteheads because if you squeeze them its completely dry. I got these huge swollen bumps, some were the size of a dime. At one point the bumps got huge, was firm to the touch, and was extremely painful. Right now I have been applying Aloe Vera on them and it seems to have calmed it down a little. I went to 3 dermatologists and got 3 different diagnosis. One of them said it was acne (because I do have acne on my face but it has gotten way better). The other one said it skin tags (which was completely off but I went to this guy before it got severe). Lastly, the other one said it was a type of allergic reaction/ dermatitis. I was on doryx for 2 weeks and was prescribed topical Clinamaycin which seemed to made it redder. It did get a little better but not the improvement I was hoping for. At this point I do not believe a dermatologist can help me because they really just don't care and I am spending too much money for crap diagnosis. I would love to know if anyone has had a similar problem.

It looks just like acne but I do not believe it is because of the 1st stage and how it started out like goosebumps. It is also ONLY on the left and right side of my front neck (in other words, it is growing fairly symmetrically.

The only problem I can think that caused this was this hoodie i was wearing which was VERY tight on my neck. I have stopped wearing it but it doesnt seem to be healing.

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I was struck by your post, as since Aug I have been dealing with something VERY similar. It began like goosebumps and very itchy on my neck. I thought it might be that I switched shampoo/conditioner or hair dye (b/c it was where my hair hit my neck) but when I switched to hypoallergenic, it did not go away. I also had a patch test done which revealed I wasn't allergic to most ingredients in hair dye. I went on 2 weeks of prednisone (BIG mistake). Then the white bumps just like you are describing came. Then I got white pustules after using steroid cream. I too was diagnosed differently. First contact dermatitis, then excema flare, then acne. So far I have not figured out what it was but am controlling it with doxepin a trycylic antidepressant that also has very strong antihistamine properties. I also am on solodyn for the pustules (I believe the prednisone did a number on my skin/hormones). I am hoping it burns out soon with treatment and relaxation techniques.

Also if you think it might be an allergy, the northamerican patch skin testing tests 65 items and can test up to 200. I learned that one can develop an allergy to something they've been using for years (which is soo annoying)

Keep us posted, if you find out what caused it, I'd love to know!

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sounds like what happened to me, except i think it was dan's regimen that caused the initial breakout. so stubborn, too -- i'm dying to know how to get rid of it! keep us posted!

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did you ever figure out what caused your breakout? OR what cured it? i have nearly the exact same symptoms and the dermatologist had no idea what it was, which was fairly disconcerting. she prescribed doryx and topical metrogel, and i just started yesterday. . . any thoughts would be so helpful!

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