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I want to start using a moisturizer again and I wanted to know what was working for you guys!?!

Any input is MUCHO appreciated!

I've tried many OTC moisturizers and they all make my skin more dry/irritated and then just leave me looking super greasy... great

I've found pure USP... like petroleum jelly great.. but here is the problem. I'll put it on.. my skin will look like a mask.... but it will feel amazing... and then night comes and what? It takes multiple washes to get it off, which = more irritation..... do I sleep with it???what do I do???

My biggest grip with moisturizers is the 'removing' part.... they never complete soak in my skin and so if I have to overwash my face to clean off the moisturizer then that defeats the whole purpose of a moisturizer.... any ideas o.0?

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i find neutrogena moisturizer with spf 15 is the one for me. it took a bit of trial and error, but once i learned you can return products that aren't right, i feel a lot better about buying and trying.

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i actually liked Proactive one but i don't use that now.

I use Simple or Md Formulations moist and sunscreen.

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Cerave is good or complex 15

I have complex 15.... and it does a very poor job of moisturizing.

I really don't understand how something can be called a moisturizer when it actually makes my skin feel more tight and annoying. Maybe an oil based moisturizer is the way to go?

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In other words, What can I put on my face....to calm it down, since my face is a mess and I've been diagnosed with Seb Dermatitis.

Something that will combat this incredibly dry face with an oily nose.

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