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Acne just keeps comming?

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Hey all,

I'm in my fith week of the regimen, but it seems that if I see my skin clear-up, even more acne behind it seems to come out and say hello! My skin is improved alot, it just seems that there's no end in the acne.

I still have pimples now, mostly concentrated on my cheeks. The left side was getting clear, but the acne just keeps comming. Is this normal? The only thing that is improved is my forehead, there is no new acne forming, and the old one is fading into oblivion. But: I do have some dryness/redness between my nose. Is that also normal?

Thanks :)

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yeah, this is normal. my second go on the regimen I didn't clear up until past the 4th month. It takes awhile to clear up, and it takes awhile for your skin to get used to the BP. For now, trying using more moisturizer and keep patiently waiting!

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Yeah, I hear you. I got a bad breakout my 5th week in and was really discouraged... like, wtf, THIS isn't in the what to expect page!

But all the same, ask yourself it it's really NEW acne. I had breakouts, but in places with blackheads. I remember it just kind of stopped one day... I mean, I still get a zit here and there (I'm on week 8), but I'd say the Regimen has done a good job of clearing me up.

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