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I'll try to make this short. I had mild acne about a year ago. I started using an astringent w/ SA. It cleared my skin completely for a few weeks. I started breaking out worse after that. I assumed it was stress. So I continued using the astringent once or twice daily for about 7 months. I finally realized that it was making my skin worse. So I stopped using it. I think the drying out of my skin made it produce more oil??

About a week later I started using the Neutrogena BP wash w/3.7% BP. After about 3 days, my face was clear except for my forehead. It was COVERED witha bout 50 lil tiny whitehead type bumps. They are very visible right after a shower, but if I wait an hour, you can hardly see them unless in direct light.

I quit using the BP wash. I only used very mild cleanser by Dove. About 3 months later (when those bumps were still popping up everyday!!!), I started using Dan's regimen. It COMPLETELy cleared these bumps for about 2 weeks. They've slowly but surely come back though (but not as much it seems). The BP gel and moisturizer seem to pronounce the ones that I have now.

My question: Did something in the astringent completely screw up my skin permenantly? Is that possible? Or is this something besides acne? Anyone have any suggestions? I'm getting tired of seeing my forehead covered w/tiny red bumps.

Oh yeh, I've been on Dan's regimen for about 2 months.

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Hey there!

It sounds like it could be one of two things: 1) allergic reaction to something in the cleanser 2) excess buildup of oil from over cleansing.

If the regimen is working for you stick it out and you'll see great results I'm sure!

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I just don't want to see myself still getting the spots all the time and still waiting on it to clear 100% in 3 months when I could be trying something different.

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