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Linear hypertrophic scars on dark-skin - Excision w/o major scar recurrence possible? Other questions

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Hey guys,

That's the scar in question.

Is there anything that can be done to fix it? It often blends in but if I look down at it (at angle) it's super visible...

All my scars are my own fault, from picking.. it's a psychological problem. Stress/nervousness I guess.

I also have very very faint rolling scars, that all fill in when I wake up, cuz the blood has filled them in.

Basically, are their options for dark-skinned people? Seems like anything will result in hyperpigmentation or worse scars...

I won't do Fraxel. It wrecked my skin already.

I was thinking of doing subcision, but not impressed w/ my options around Ohio...

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when you say fraxel wrecked your skin...

1. was it fraxel restore or fraxel repair?

2. what damage did it do exactly?

as for raised scarring, i would be tempted not to get them cut out. its costly and id be worried the scar would return again. raised scars are caused by the body creating too much collagen after a wound. creating another wound would likely recreate the same process.

there are a number of worthwhile looking remedies out there. silicone strips seem ok, along with a silicone gel. alternatively you could buy bioskincare, elicina or the like which too is supposed to reduce raised scar tissue. the possibilities are really endless.

im no expert in this at all, ive never dealt with this kind of scarring and its unlikely i ever will. theres a section of this forum dedicated to raised scarring. im sure if you had a look there youd find some other worthwhile solutions.

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