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So I love Revlon Colorstay like more than any other foundation out there, and I know a lot of girls love RC on here as well. However, I find that if I wear it too often then I break out from it, it just seems a little too viscous but it gives by far the best coverage than any other foundation that I have used.

Those of you who use Revlon Colorstay, do you wear it everyday and does it break you out? Or do you only wear it occasionally? I wear it on occasion and find that if I only wear it a few times then I really won't break out.

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haha yeah i'm pretty much in love with revlon CS. there's drawbacks to it, but to me they don't take away from how AWESOME the coverage is. it took me a while to get the hang of it, but now i just apply it with my fingers .. it dries quickly, but as long as you do one part of your face at a time, and when you layer ... you wait a few minutes for it to dry, you can achieve full coverage that looks pretty friggin natural.

i do use CS every day as a concealer. before that i use a powder foundation. it doesn't break me out, but i do use a EVOO as a makeup remover, and i think that's what helps me avoid breakouts.

yaaay colorstay :dance:

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Everyone seems to have problems applying this stuff, when I first bought it I used to use a damp sponge and that was a great way to apply it because it kept the make up moist for a little while. Now I just use my MAC 190 and it works perfectly, it really doesn't dry that quick and I usually don't have any problems with streaks or with it drying too fast. It's when people use like a duo fiber brush is when they might have problems, like the MAC 187 or 130.

But yeah, I love this foundation, I wish I could wear it everyday, but I really think it is the cause of breakouts and extremely clogged pores at the end of the day. I think I'm going to get the Clarisonic for Christmas though to get my face extra clean! This foundation though is GREAT for when you go to water parks, stays on the whole time and doesn't look weird when it gets wet. Lasted all day when I went to Dorney Park.

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yes, i did have some problems applying it at first, but i've never been good at applying liquid foundation. i'm so used to using minerals, and after a while, you can apply that type of foundation without even looking in the mirror cuz it's usually so easy to blend.

aww sucks that you think it's breaking you out : ( unfortunately a lot of products will work in some ways, and then work against your skin in others : ( bleh. but i hope you find that the clarisonic does positive things for you.

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I'm VERY impressed with the foundation too. And yes, I did have problems applying it at first but then I tried the damp sponge and it looks great (I don't have any MAC brushes or a stippling brush). My block recently had a block party so I was outside, dancing a bit and cooking for most of the day. Then at night I went bike riding for three hours, sweated up a storm, and fell because my brakes suck now which bruised the hell out of my left leg. After all that...my makeup was still perfect!

Sadly, I can see why it would break anyone out because it is thick (and kinda smells like paint). I don't use it everyday because I like to give my skin a break from makeup (even though I refuse to go outside without makeup unless I have too). I have severe acne and it covers/blurs it making it less noticeable.

Funny thing, I was thinking of asking for a Clarisonic for Christmas too ;)

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