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Recently (started three weeks ago) I had a large nodule/cystic acne that formed on the side of my nose, towards the top/side on the cartilage. After a few days I saw my doctor, who prescribed antibiotics. It's red, but it's shrunk a lot and is fading. It never ruptured or came to a head. I mentioned cortisone to my doctor but he didn't seem to think it was necessary. I'm starting to think it was, and now it's too late.

My worry is that it will scar, either as a stretch mark or just from sheer cell damage. It doesn't look like a scar now, but it's definitely a prominent oblong red mark almost an inch long. I've been applying Mederma to it, staying out of the sun, and so forth. I've read mixed reports about Mederma but I figured it wouldn't hurt.

My hope is that it will just take a long time to fade, but won't scar. I don't know if all of this equates to a question, ha. Basically looking for any info on what to expect and if any course of action is worthwhile at this point.

Hope everyone is doin well. :angel:

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cysts dont always mean scarring. i've had a cyst in the same spot for around a year and then it just went away with no scar. it did leave a red mark but it eventually went away.

i've also had pretty bad reoccuring cysts in the same spot over and over and they went away leaving no scar.

i think it depends on you. do you usually get acne that scars? my acne doesn't scar so far (knock on wood thank god.) i dont mess with it though. i just leave it alone. i'm not a skin picker or touch my face. no matter how long it may stick around for i leave it be.

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heya, thanks for the response.

I have a few scars, but not from anything like the aforementioned issue. I have some pits/craters or whatever they're called; tiny ones on the corners of my mouth that just appeared in the last couple years. It's like they just appeared by themselves, long after I even had acne there, or maybe they became more visible with changes to my skin from age. I know there's absolutely nothing that can be done for those kind of scars, though, sadly. I digress.

Input was much appreciated. I'll just leave it be and let fate and physiology decide. =)

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