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take 24? clinique acne solutions

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Hi! So I'm new on this site but I figured I'd let everyone know what I trying and how it works. I'm 18 and have had acne since I was 12. I have good weeks and bad (but mostly bad). My skin is oily and dry all at the same time. I've tried Proactive, Murad, Clean and Clear, Zeno ect ect. I've been on prescription products once and it only made me break out more for weeks on end. If this doesn't work, we're breaking out the big prescription medicines. :doh:

I'm on my last shot right now with Cliniques Acne Solutions. It wasnt too expensive and you get a great free gift with it (a moisturizing lotion which is AMAZING). I've been using it for a few days now and I haven't gotten any redness, peeling or dryness yet (which is surprising). I am starting to see my skin break out in only one place but most acne systems will make your skin get worse before it gets better. My skin is definitely smoother all over and the discoloration my skin usually has is starting to go away. So far things seems to be working.

I'll update every week but so far I'm VERY VERY pleased! NO one wants to go off to college with bad skin :cry:

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i think this is how i add on? anyways, my skins starting to break out all over with just small things. tolerable and hopefully the treatment will get rid of the acne fast. they did say it would get worse before it gets better...but you cant really trust that too much

My skin did get very dry over the past 24 hours so i used the moisture surge which helped instantly.

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Hi all

So my skins broken out worse then ever before these past few days. Its started in the usual spots but much MUCH worse! I've been following the directions and regiment to a tee so w'll see. By the way i ahvent been wearing ANY makeup since starting.

more updates to come

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still horrible. not to mention the acne is as red as can be and all over my cheeks, forehead ect.

2 more weeks and im done :(

some dryness but nothing out of the ordinary.

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okay after my horrible mental breakdown last night about my horrible face, i broke and used a 10% benzoyl peroxide cream from clearasil. but after using that basically all over my face overnight all of the acne is starting to recede and the crazy redness has gone away...somewhat

going to keep going on the normal 3 step system now. hoping to not have to repeat last nights fiasco.

keep you all posted.

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So its been 3.5 weeks since starting. my skin has calmed down A LOT since it freaked on me the past week. almost all my acne is gone on my entire face. I have NO idea how the product made it so bad and then so great so fast lol! I have been using the 10% cream on one very stubborn problem area on my cheek but thats about it. One kinda sad thing is that the stubborn area i had (which was BBBAAADDD) is most likely going to end up as scars. bummer.

The real test now is to see how long this clearness lasts. If its anything like proactive, itll come back in a month or 2.

The dryness i was experiencing has gone away and i can see my overall skin tone evening out. Who knows if thats the product or the tan...

I have started to run out of the cleanser(which is a foam). You're supposed to use 2-3 pumps each time but ive resorted to one to conserve whats left.

and thats about it. no makeup for me right now

ill post a new update in a few weeks. good luck everyone out there

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1 1/2 months later: skin is still 100% crappy

it actually seemed to have gotten worse. I had maybe one week of bliss and thats it

tomorrow is my derm. appointment and im hoping he can give me something that'll work..anything

overall: clinique DOES NOT WORK atleast it didnt for me

it made mine much worse

now i have breakouts all over. They're small ones and big ones. The redness of each pimple is unbelievable and i cant hide it with anything. white heads ugh its bad

good luck everyone out there!

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