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Hi guys! Before I start I just want to say what a great idea this website is and how glad I am that Dan started it.

My problem is that I think I am not just sensitive but allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide. Before starting the regimen (back in January) I remembered a previous bad experience with 5% BP, so this time I went for 2.5% and used sparingly. Results were horrible, and made worse by me not seeking medical assistance immediately (I first just applied more moisturizer, then tried to calm the itching with Sudocrem....). One of my eyes pretty much closed up due to swelling and I had to go on steroids for a few days. I was told to only wash with Aqueous cream so I stuck to that for a few weeks, but have since carried on in my quest to find a decent solution.

I have mild acne, with a nose full of awful blackheads and a few whiteheads being my main problem, but from time to time I develop hard and mostly painful nodules under the skin. I currently have a painless one my cheek that has been there since March, improving little - that's almost 4 months now. That has got me down quite a bit these last months as it has been really noticable. I also have a LOT of red marks and a scars. One red mark on my forehead has been there for almost two years and is obviously not going to go away.

For about a month I have been consuming 45mg zinc a day, before bed, and lots of omega-3, and I have never had any iodine in my diet that I know of. I exercise a couple of times a week (trying to improve) and rarely go out in the sun. I don't use suncreen as I am really am very rarely in the sun, and don't want to clog my pores further. I wear make up, and I know I shouldn't, but I honestly would never leave my room without it, I have so many awful red marks.

As BP is clearly not an option for me, what topical solution should I be using instead? And is it safe for me to use AHA? I am definitely allergic to BP - I tested a very small amount on my upper arm recently and came out in a mild rash.

I hope I have posted this question in the right area, and I thank anyone that reads it and is able to offer some advice :)

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Hi there! It stinks that you're allergic to BP as it's one of the better first lines of defense in the fight against acne.

But there are many other topicals. Have you been to a derm recently to see what the derm might be able to offer you? As you're allergic to BP I am hesitant to suggest any other topicals myself, but if you're under the care of a derm, that derm could prescribe something helpful for you.

I'll also move this to mild to moderate acne forum, from the Acne.org Regimen as it's not about the regimen.

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I'd look into tea tree oil then. You can buy it from walmart and it's been shown to have similar results to benzoyl peroxide. But, it does take longer to see results. I mix it with cvs 100% pure aloe vera sensitive skin gel. It's alcohol, dye, and fragrance free. Just make sure to get it to a 5% or higher percentage or it won't be effective.

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I have the same problem although my reactions not as bad as yours but I think you should try tea tree oil. Be sure to dilute it first and do a patch test in case your allergic to it

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