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Hoping to get rid of acne through colon cleansing and liver flushes

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Little background on me: I've always had really nice smooth skin but i started breaking out after high school, it was small stuff (but it sure didn't feel like it to me at the time, little did i know it could've been worst, like now XD). So i had to deal with random break outs that would happen like once a year or so from the time i was 18-24, nothing big, i just had to deal with it for a month or two and then it would stop and i would have my nice skin back. What changed was that i used plan b a few times and started birth control, ever since then my skin has been uncontrollable and my acne has changed from normal mild acne to nodular acne that won't relent! I have stopped birth control 2 yrs ago but the acne refuses to go away!

So this is my plan (last ditch effort before accutane):

1. Colon cleanse with oxypowder for 7 days (i started yesterday)

2. After oxypowder get colonic

3. Do Psyllium and bentonite shakes for a week

4. Do my first liver flush (2 weeks after starting colon cleansing)

5. 2nd day after liver flush, get colonic

6. Maintain healthy diet

I plan to repeat the liver flush every 2 weeks and maintain the colon cleansing and eating a healthy diet to see if it makes any difference. If after my 4-5th liver flush there is little improvement i'll probably go set up an appointment to get accutane.


So yesterday i started with my healthy diet (eating mostly organic salads, fruits, fish, brown rice, hormone/antibiotic free chicken, etc). This healthy eating thing is so hard for me b/c i LOVE eating, it's one of my favorite things to do and i'm really thin so i have to eat all the time to even maintain my weight. Yesterday night i took 4 oxypowder capsules. This morning i woke up and had my first bowel movement (you're supposed to have 3-5 a day with the oxypowder and if not, you're supposed to increase your capsule intake by 2 each night until you achieve that). I'm so starving. I know i shouldn't but i'm definitely craving cheese so i cut myself 2 small slices of sharp chedder (even though i'm supposed to avoid dairy completely!).

I have to go to a wedding this afternoon so i have no idea how i'm giong to maintain my diet at the wedding b/c there will be catering and i'm a sucker for good food and i love to gorge myself. I think i will take a break with the diet just for the wedding, hopefully it won't make a difference even though the oxypowder directions are really strict on the healthy eating portion XD.

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I don't know about colon cleanses and I'm all about that stuff. I have candida and I've read that it is pointless to do them as it does little to nothing for your body. If you are taking adequate fiber I believe you will clean yourself out normally. Plus the week of psyllium and bentonite will be such a shock to your system. It will irritate your digestive system and maybe even cause diarrhea. My doctor told me about how when you drastically increase your fiber intake your body needs time to adjust to it before it can regulate itself. People can tolerate more fiber in their diet when they have been on a high fiber diet for a long time. She basically said there is no point in taking things like fiber one if I'm only going to take it on occasion because it only confuses and messes up your body. As for liver flush, I don't know as much about but you could try it. It might also be a hoax. Sorry to tell you all this...I'm sure you could still give all this a try but take it easy on fiber shakes because of the strain on your digestive system.

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Thanks for the input, i plan to start slow and do 1 bentonite and psyllium shake a day and increase to 2 a day and maybe 3 a day to see how my body handles it. So far, i'm almost finished with my 7 day oxy-powder cleanse. It wasn't that hard but i've definitely been breaking out more. I heard this was a possibility as i've read some people did experience initial break out when they start their colon cleanse. I'm trying to keep my hopes up though....next weekend i plan to do my first liver flush.

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Okay, just an update, last weekend i did the liver flush (hulda clark's version). It wasn't too bad......the epsom salt was hard to get down the 3rd and 4th time, but overall it wasn't as hard as i thought. THe hardest part i guess was in the beginning when i had to go searching for all the products in order to do it, thank goodness i found a health food store that carried everything i needed.

I found a few stones, not that much though, maybe 20 or so; i was just glad i saw any at all. Anyways, on Monday i went and got a professional colonic done, which cost 70 bucks! Grrr, expensive but when i dive into something i usually go really hardcore; good thing i make good money bc i plan to get a colonic after every liver flush. And i recently started P and B shakes, gross to drink, but i only plan to do it for a few days post liver flush to make sure everything is cleaned out.

Now as far as my skin goes, it is better (although could be coincidental since it was so bad before). The active pimples are healing nicely, i only haev 2 active pimples now (one is tiny and the other is still under the skin and has not gone full blown yet; i'm hoping it just dies down and doesn't become an official nodule!). I will keep you guys updated, but it looks promising!

Oh in addition, i make sure to drink plenty of water, and i put lemon in it as much as i can (if i can remember XD)

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Hi Miya.. I was just wondering how everything was going. I'm on accutane right now but I'm breaking a lot more ever since I stopped my antibiotic (because I started accutane). I want to try an internal cleanse.

I was going to combine it with this regimen that I found online:

Taken twice daily (with lunch and dinner) to aid digestion in the large intestine:

2 x Psyllium Husks 500mg

1 x Activated Charcoal 260mg

Taken daily to maintain a clean small intestine:

1 x Yakult (for Lactobacillus casei)

And maybe an all apples diet starting now.... but I'd hate to do that because I made some really amazing beef stroganoff last night :/ But I want to clear up by Friday if I can by eating all apples because my friend is flying in to visit me!!

Anyways, how is the cleanse working?

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