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I am 17 and going to college in the fall. I have had acne for about 6 years and the severity of it has gone up and down again and again. When it started, it was just whiteheads and I used benzoyl peroxide, then it got worse and turned into small cysts. Currently, my acne is by no means bad, at least at first glance. My skin looks very good, however, when I push my cheek out with my tongue, I can see small bumps, clogged pores possibly, when I pop them, which is rare, they turn into large cysts which don't go away for at least one week. If I don't mess with them, nothing happens, they're just there. You can't exactly see them unless I push my cheek out like I said. I hate that they make my skin so...not smooth feeling. I currently get 35% AHA chemical peels every 4-5 weeks which seem to have been helping a great deal. I also use alpha hydroxy face cream, just some OTC stuff I found. I use Tazorac gel at night along with some Clearasil with sulfur and resorcinol just to dry smaller pimples out, I also take Bactrim twice a day. I also use St. Ives apricot scrub every day to remove dead skin cells. I don't exactly have severe acne, but it can become severe just by popping my under-the-skin type acne. Does anyone know how to get rid of these? Prescription medicines, OTC products, dermatological services (i.e. peels, etc...)

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I've read about getting phenol peels for really deep skin problems, like wrinkles and even freckles. There's almost no doubt that this would help get rid of the under the skin problems.

BUT. The healing can take several months; you're essentially stripping off ten top layers of the skin. Your skin will most definitely look better and the improvements will be very long lasting (some dermatologists say you can only get one phenol peel in your life, that's how strong they are), but it will always be much paler than before and you'll probably never be able to tan again.

I'd advise you to either get some medium strength peels frequently or the new laser techniques that are so common and lauded so frequently these days, Isolaz in particular.

For the moment, just dont mess with it.

Hope that helped.

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