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My skin is literally discolored from the Regimen.

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OK, people have griped about it before, but seriously... what?

There is a LINE separating where I use BP and where I don't. I really noticed it today.

My chin is SO RED, and it just makes everything look so much worse.

I don't do the Regimen on my cheeks or nose; I just do it on my forehead (not really the temples), my jawline, and chin/around the mouth. I felt good all week and now I feel like shit again. I have been on the Regimen for 7 full weeks, why is my skin still red? Am I using too much BP? I use almost 2 pumps. I think that IS too much... how much should I use for about 60% of my face? A pump and a little smidge?

Also, my neck-- and I do apply BP liberally on my jaw lines since they got hit the hardest of all-- is so dry and tight and flakey, even in places where I do NOT apply BP. It seems that nothing can make it non-dry. That said, I have been using AHA (for maybe a week and a half) and jojoba oil (the latter for about 5 days) daily and I notice a difference, but I'm still so red.

The thing is, I'm still getting zits. My chin has these damn blackheads so the zit I have there now is not necessarily "new" acne... none of it is new, actually, and they ARE generally small and last a fraction of the time they used to last, but...

I'm starting to get so discouraged again. I see these people on the logs with acne that I THOUGHT was way worse than mine getting cleared up by the 8th week mark, and here I am, with my red marks fading so damns slowly and with these damn congested pores on my chin and with this huge pimple that grew below my mouth (that DID turn yellow in a day, but when I popped it properly this morning it was still red and inflamed underneath)

I took the damn troubleshooting test too and apparently the big thing I need to change is not touching my face so much. But is that what is making the difference here?

Please help. When am I going to be able to walk outside without makeup and not think twice again??? I want my old skin back so fucking bad. I wish I had gone to a derm and never taken that stupid Marvelon shit and the differin that made my chin the disaster zone it is today. :boohoo:

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Most of us know exactly how you feel --- I'm at about 4 1/2 months and I still have bad days with redness, scaling, pimples.....it's definitely not a quick fix for most people. 7 weeks is not that long in the regimen world and it actually might be when it's at it's worst because you are bumping up your BP amount etc. But another reason that you're so extra red might be that you're using AHA a lot -- that really burns me. Maybe you should hold off on that for a bit until your skin calms down.

Read through the success stories too and search the boards for people who have gotten clear on the regimen --- they'll talk about still being really red 2-3 months in and wanting to give up etc. But they stick with it and eventually get there, but people get clear all over the map.

I also am new to acne and it brings me down a lot and I just want my skin back too --- I know how you feel.

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Thanks, TMB. It really helps to hear that the ups and down are just part of the process, and that 7 weeks isn't that long. It sure feels like it sometimes, though! Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. So, how severe was your acne before you started? I'd say mine was mild/moderate, mostly under control but still persistent, and with lots of clogged pores on my chin (which are actually mostly gone now). So honestly, I expected to be clear by now, which I guess I am (except for red marks).

So the redness bit: AHA actually seems to help with it, but thanks for the tip! I think I'll continue to use it, plus the jojoba oil (which I hear takes a good week or two to really see the effects of).

I wrote this post after I was upset about something unrelated to acne, and falling in step with all things the past 6 months, when something went wrong I projected it on my skin. I slathered on a bunch of emu oil for the first time ever (it came last week after I ordered it on a whim... I was convinced by some posts on the red marks boards but have been scared to add anything new to my routine) and it just made everything stand out, my face red and feeling gross. I washed it all off though after a few hours and my face literally just went back to normal. Even though I was feeling bad, I looked in the mirror and was like, wait, what am I supposed to be upset about? My red marks literally look like fading freckles at this point. I think simplicity and sticking to the Regimen exactly really are key in all this. Same with being gentle-- my face was more red today, and admittedly, I was not that gentle with my application last night.

I'm SOOOO close to being clear-- the whole experience with the Regimen is like running the 400 (all you other trackies know that the 400 is DEATH ;) ). During the first 100 meters you're feeling good, like you could actually beat this thing faster than you thought you could. The next 100 meters you start to get tired, start to slow down and realize that it may actually take LONGER than you first thought. The 3rd leg is the worst: you hit the wall, you feel like shit, want to give up and the finish line seems so far, but that last 400, when you get back on the straightaway and can SEE the finish line-- it's hard because you're tired, you're beaten down, you have no energy but you go into sprint mode anyway and just keep your eye on the finish line. I just turned the corner and am headed to the straightaway!

It is still discolored a little in the BP regions and my chin is definitely a bit red still, so I think I will take the BP amount down a teeny bit. Should this help? It seems most people suffering with dryness have it in the same area as me-- mouth/chin/neck.

Also, what gives about the neck? Any advice?

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Hey, hotglue! I hope you're feeling a little better and don't feel as discouraged about it all. I remember wanting to quite the regimen months into it. The weirdness and redness and dryness will be worth it in the long run though, believe me. I wouldn't have my acne under control now if it weren't for sticking with it and going through a few months of really weird and strange looking skin, lol!

I apply BP all over my face, even in areas I don't normally breakout. And the only place I don't apply BP is my nose and above my lip, but I find if I spread my lotion over these areas that my fingers bring some BP to them and maybe that's why these areas aren't different colors for me. If you're really self conscious about it, you could try applying BP all over your face so your whole face is getting the side effects of BP instead of just a select area, or you could just wait for your face to settle down and become normal again.

Make sure you use a lotion that has SPF in it, because the areas you apply BP will tan faster than the areas you don't. I don't use a lotion with SPF in it, so I'm just trying to avoid the sun hahaha. But I think my face is a tad bit tanner than my neck. I should probably look into SPF lotions :-P

You could try taking away some BP from what you're already using. I use a finger length, but sometimes will add a little more if I feel like I need it. I know it's hard to tell how much to use for someone who's fairly new to the regimen, but after 4 years I don't even look at how much BP I have on my finger. I know what my skin will feel like if it has too little BP or too much. Over time, you'll be like that too. I've been doing the regimen twice a day, everyday for over like 4 years, so it's kinda like one of those old, seasoned cooks who don't even measure when putting ingredients into a dish hahaha.

Touching your face too much, I don't think, will cause it to be more red. If anything, it might aggravate active acne and in turn make the pimples seem more red and it will hinder the results you'll achieve as opposed to if you just apply BP gently and leave your face untouched during the day.

Hope this helped and try to stick with it!

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Same here, i have been on the regimen for like 3 months now? And now whenever I apply BP, my face will get so red and my friends even asked are you hot or something, your face is so red the whole time when we were having dinner. So I went home, and stopped using BP for like 4~6 days, and just uses AHA(yes, AHA helped alot for the redness for me). After like 4 or 5 days, the redness of my face are mostly gone, just some redmarks which i always have. Then, I thought maybe it's the dryness that caused it(my skin was so dry before i used AHA), so i thought it wouldnt' be a bad idea to try the BP again, so I started using it again like 3 days ago. And my face is sooo damn red again, I don't know what's causing the damn redness. My face isn't even taht red when i started the regimen and I only use one pump of Dan's BP for my face now ( i don't use it on forehead since it never break out now). Now, I would just use AHA and not use BP for a week and see how it's gonna go. And I always used SPF lotions...

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I really need to find an SPF lotion, but I'm scared of them....I never had any really bad experiences or anything, but hearing everyone else talk about them freaks me out. I used to use Neutrogena Dry Touch for the last couple of summers before getting acne and I like it a lot, but now with acne I've heard that's not a good one to use. I did buy Aveeno Calming with SPF 30, but when I bought it, it was a really bad time for my face - it was extremely red and dry, so that just made things worse and I haven't tried it again since.

I just started getting acne last July/August -- I'm 28. I've always had a pimple or two once and a while - but would usually go 2-4 months between pimples. I was on Ortho BCP for a loooong time, just before going off it I started getting small but annoying breakouts, I went on the regimen after finding it online and it really helped - I still got one pimple every other week or so at this point, but was really happy with the results -- I didn't use Dan's BP, I used Spectro 2.5% BP lotion for sensitive skin. I went off the pill in October, everything was ok until February when I decided that my acne was under control (stupid me, it was the regimen keeping it under control) and I was tired of the dry skin, so I went off and about 3 days later my skin went crazy. I had a big breakout for me - cheeks, forehead was the worst, and chin. I dove back into the regimen (by this time I ordered Dan's BP to try it out) so I used the full amount I had previously been using on Spectro but Dan's BP is way more harsh than Spectro and I burnt my face to a crisp...like a serious burn. I scaled and peeled for a long time, went back using spectro, and about a month ago I started looking more normal and tried Dan's again, have since had a few more burns and even breaking out more lately with whiteheads again that is either this new batch of Dan's BP not working so well for me or something -- whatever it is my face is extremely irritated by a new bottle of Dan's BP right now, red, scaling, small breakouts - so I'm back on the Spectro BP for now. Anyway, sorry for the long story -- but that's what has gotten me here about 4 1/2 months after my second go round on the regimen. I found the second time way harder, way more ups and downs. I want to have my old skin back, but I don't know when that will happen -- I know I was on a pill that helps your skin so maybe this is it.....Like you said Hotglue, I have had a few times where I'm soooo close to clear skin and then I hit another bump in the road -- so don't panic if that happens because it's part of the journey I guess.

I'm hoping using the Spectro BP for sensitive skin again will really help the redness and new breakouts...I'll let everyone know for interest sake.

Edited by TMB
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