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are you really allergic to these things? or do you think you are? It's highly unusual to break out within a few hours. Although, getting a rash or something if you are truly allergic makes sense.

Good luck finding make-up, but you really may be better off staying make-up free if your skin is so sensitive.

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Hmm...Maybe I'm getting blackheads from Titanium Dioxide...I never put the two together. Whenever I take off my make up I always have little comedones by my chin/jawline. Every make up I use has TD in it, how strange.

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yes unfortunately i really am allergic. bismuth gives me cystic acne, mica i just get itchy bumps that are not really noticable. titanium dioxide clogs my pores so that when i wash my face at night i can see the blackheads. pearl powder i tried on my inner arm at the elbow and i got a red spot there the next day.

i tried a bb cream yesterday that i bought from korea on ebay. it looked so good but i got some small red bumps at the end of the day.. ARGHH!

Titanium Dioxide is noncomedogenic. Some (not many) people can be allergic to it though. But an allergic reaction would not be clogged pores. Something else is causing that.


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Titanium dioxide would not be the culprit, it really isn't possible. Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide are both highly anti-inflammatory which means they would help with inflammation. The same reason why zinc oxide is used in psoriasis and excema creams because it is anti-inflammatory. You could be allergic to mica, but one thing everyone should look into, is make sure your MMU is NOT small particle size. It is the size of the particles that can also cause acne. Which brand were you using? The other thing is were you using the same brushes as the product you used that had bismuth? If so this may be your culprit.

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