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I never really had a rash or anything before, But I have some patches on my legs now after going outside for 2 hours in the sun, but the rash isn't on places where the sun was directly on it. I had shorts on but where the sun was shining on doesnt have a rash or anything. was like above my knee and on the other legs thigh, red cluster of bumps that spread like a golfball size, but after a shower and moisturizing and hour later it seems alot less. so eczema or just a random rash from dry skin? I'm only a week in accutane and I dont seem to have dry skin yet

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I had the same on my arms. Just be sure to moisturize everyday after you get out of the shower when your skill is still damp. Also be sure to moisturize with cream not lotion, reccommended CeraVa cream, it's brilliant. It will all go away if you do this, everyday.

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Right now im using vaseline hydrating body lotion and Aquaphor, cerava cream better? and is it eczema what you(and i have) or just really dry skin? it didnt seem really peely just dry like the rest of me and then lots of red bumps where my hairs are

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