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Almost there! Making the final push!

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My Acne History


I guess some background info is in order. I'm 21 years old and have been dealing with acne probably since the early high school years until now. My acne has definitely gotten better since then and I have seen significant improvements.

As of right now, my problem areas are my mouth area and from in between my eyebrows to my nose. My nose being covered in blackheads as well. Pretty much the center of my face from my chin to eyebrows and from the sides of my mouth, if that gives you an idea of my general area.

Back in the day, I use to get acne everywhere. Side of my cheeks, all on my neck, mouth, nose, forehead, etc. As of now, almost none come on my checks, neck, or forehead and the problem area is really my chin and surrounding mouth area.

For the most part, I should say my acne is probably very mild as of right now. Every few months I may get a sudden breakout around my chin and mouth that will clear in 1-2 weeks, but normally, I only have maybe 5 or so visible pimples a day, and maybe only 1 whitehead a day to be dealt with. My main frustration I would have to say is my large amount of dark and large blackheads on my nose.

I've been using Dan's products for a while now. Mostly just the BP product as that is really what really helps me the most. I use whatever cleansers or soaps that I happen to buy and haven't seen a difference in using them as opposed to the one from the regimen. I almost never moisturize but I never experience dryness or flaking either.


My Thoughts and Plans


This leads to my log title. I am almost there, but I am just trying to make the final push. It seems that no matter how well I wash, use BP every morning and night, etc, I can't stop those few pimples from forming consistently every day or two. Also, no amount of washing, creams, toners, scrubs, or oils seems to do anything to my blackheads on my nose.

All this leads me to believe I an now fighting an internal battle to make the final push.


Right now I spend so much time in doors. Between working, school, and homework, a lot of my time is spent at the computer not being very active or with much opportunity to get outside. Could this lack of fresh air, sunlight, and exercise be a factor to getting fully clear?

After spending an hour or so outside cutting the grass and working up a sweat, I take a shower and just feel cleansed and refreshed. Almost as if the sweating is pushing out the dirt and oils from my skin. Not sure if this is true, but that is what I am here to test. I have a set of weights at home and want to being doing some basic exercises, even if that just means doing push-ups, crunches, and bicep curls. I plan on doing some exercises every night or every other night before washing my face for the night.


Another contributing factor is my diet. I am 6' and weight about 135-140lbs. I have an extremely fast metabolism thus I end up putting into my head that I can eat whatever I want and don't have to worry. While I don't have to worry about gaining weight, I have finally grasped the fact that I am still hurting my body.

Because I still live at home while going to school, I am pretty much stuck eating what the parents buy or what is on sale. My diet consists of a large amount of frozen pizzas (at least 3-4 a weeks), cereal, tv dinners, and the occasional grilled hamburger or chicken patty sandwiches. Not to mention the amount of snacking that goes on with cookies and chips.

I am glad to say that I pretty much stay away from fast food, although I have a place in my heart for Wendy's chicken about once a month.

I tend to eat a lot of tomato based products almost on a daily basis. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing, but I haven't noticed it causing me to breakout. It is a good cancer fighter though I believe.

But in general, something has to be done about my diet. As of right now, I almost never drink pop/soda. I tend to drink in a given day, maybe 2 bottles of water, a glass of milk, and maybe some iced tea or fruit juice. I am going to try and cut down on the iced and juice and increase the amount of water I drink to see if that helps at all.

Being as how I can't just stop eating pizza and hamburgers since that is pretty much how I stay alive, I have decided to take baby steps with my diet. For now, I will be drastically cutting out the chips and cookies from my diet. Maybe I will allow myself to eat a small portion of chips if I'm at a BBQ but no more just reaching in the cabinet to snack on chips or cookies because I feel like it.

I have no idea what to do for my blackheads. The amount that I have, and how big there are seems pretty insane to me. Most people say "no one will notice unless they are like 6 inches from your face." We'll I can stand back 4-5 feet from the mirror and still see all the blackheads on my nose as clear as day. I guess time will tell for those.

Vitamins and Nutrients

Based on what I eat, I know I am not getting all my vitamins that I should. Unfortunately, I never really could learn how to swallow pills. I'm sure there are chewable alternatives out there so I will add some multivitamins to my daily routine.

Are there any specific vitamins I should intake? I keep seeing Vitamin A & E as well as Zinc being mentioned.


General things that I am going to make sure I do such as washing my sheets and pillow cases every week. Do not to much face directly with my fingers or hands. Dust my room regularly.

Such a long post, but I think it was necessary to post a log as it will help myself to keep on track.

Summary of Plans

-Keep washing morning and night and applying BP as normal

-Start exercising on a consistent basis. Anything to work up a sweat and get the blood flowing

-Replace some of the iced tea juice in my diet with more water

-Cut out snacks. Mainly the chips and cookies for now to see if effects are noticeable.

-Start taking vitamins daily

-Keep room and bedsheets clean and wash regularly to avoid excess dirt

I will probably be taking pictures and storing them on my computer as I try to make this final push. After some time has passed, I will more than likely start to upload my progress.

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