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Mr President

TCA Cross After Accutane

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Hey all,

I've been doing tca cross and peels on myself and was seeing some positive improvements. Whilst the scars werent gone, they were much smoother. Unfortunately I broke out, developed more scarring and went on accutane.

I have 4.5 months left and then have been told I must wait 6 months minimum before resuming scar treatments.

Does this apply to tca cross too? Given its only targeting a smaller area of the skin. I've read cases where tca cross was performed on people 3-4 months out and they were fine.

After the accutane, If I did a monthly detox of my liver (where the accutane is stored), along with the intestines and colon, whether it would return my healing ability back to normal faster, allowing me to return to having treatments faster?

Anyhoo, interested to hear what you all think...Happy Friday too :)

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Apparently its not good to do any treatments until the 6 months post roaccutane period is over. I think it has to do with the oil glands that are needed to heal the skin. Research found that if still on roaccutane or not long enough off it then the healing was not good. I'm pretty sure it includes tca.

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