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if you're just finishing up your first course of accutane (like me) how can you really get happy knowing there's a decent chance you could relapse?

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I'll probably be done with my course in 3 weeks...but I just don't feel assured that it's not just going to eventually come back

I'm thinking, the next time I get a real pimple..I will just rush to a dermatologist and pressure for a second course since it is rare to relapse after a second course

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Um there is a 90% chance that you will not relapse? Isn't that reassuring enough? What do you expect? A guarantee? :rolleyes:

Btw it is pretty annoying when you spend your time replying to someones post and it is totally ignored. Get a grip!

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know that you can just go back on it?

another course?

low-dose maintenance?

apparently topicals are more effective as well after tane?

dont think about it?

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I was one of those people who rushed back to the derm the second I got a zit asking for a 2nd course of accutane. :redface:

My derm calmed me down and reassured me that if I actually broke out again (as in, more than a zit) I could go back on accutane. Knowing that the option was available really helped me relax. I know there is a chance acne might come back, but I take care of my skin (wash twice a day, use oil-free products, etc.) and so far so good. Chin up!

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I empathize with you about that. Unfortunately, peristant/adult acne is a very marginalized and overlooked medical condition. I'm about 6 weeks into my course of accutane and I'm wondering how my skin will react after I go off of it. The only thing that comforts me is the number. 90% go into remission after finishing the course. So that helps. I was on an antibiotic/ocp/retin a course prior to accutane that was working fairly well. So if I relapse, I will most likely go back on that before going back on accutane.

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