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Please help, I just had a facial waxing

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I hope somebody can help with some information as to what to do.

I have never had waxing before and my hairdresser suggensted I get my brows and upper lip waxed while getting a haircut today. So I agreed as I am clueless on these things.

As she is ripping off the wax strips, a recollection of not having waxing done while on Accutane floated through my mind....but I thought not much I can do at this point and it has been 5 weeks.

I can not tell you how red, bleeding, swollen and inflammed to the point of woozing my upper brow and lip is on one side of my face. I am so afraid of scarring now and of course have re-read the Accutane warnings I received 8 months ago. (Which has put me in a panic----how could I be so stupid?

Has anyone out there been through this? Should I go to a doctor tomorrow asap?

Any suggestions as to what to put on my skin to not further harm it. I have gently rinsed the area with cool water and put a thin layer of triple antibiotic ointment on at this point.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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hi phelp! i have a friend that this happened to once. (she hadnt taken accutane, but has VERY sensitive skin) so the waxing did the same thing to her.. took a little time to heal, but it turned out just fine.. try not to worry, keep it clean an continue using triple anti biotic ointment, that stuff is great.

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I've never been on accutane, but I'm on a topical so my skin is plenty dry and sensitive. I went to get my eyebrows waxed one day before I went on vacation, and that was an OOPS. The girl who did it was like, "WHOA. I've never seen anyone get as red as you do!" I was very red for a few days, and it was kind of embarrassing. After a few days, it kind of... dried up, and I was able to pull this scabby thing off. I assure you, I have NO scarring from it. Just keep applying an antibacterial ointment to it to prevent any infections! Good luck.

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