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Not Just Another Zinc/Vitamin C Regime! Its Better!

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Wake up.

Get Warm Hot Water, Put Lemon Juice on it.

Drink it.

Wait max 2 hours.

Eat something,avoiding dairy add a fruit.

Take 2 500mg Vitamin C

Drink Lots of water throughout the day.

Take One More 500mg Vitaminc C in the afternoon.


One Fruit, Or Nothing.

Zinc 50mg, 2 Vitamin C 500mg

Hopefuly this will eliminate my breakouts ive been getting recently there pretty ugly no joke im a handsome guy but this is killing my confidence!, i got my forehead,cheeks,side face jawline full of white heads and red bumps, its just disgusting and Vitamin C Helps with inflamation and Zinc With C combined is perfect for bacteria resistance.

If things go good with this regimen im going to add Vitamin E Capsules at night, open them up and dilute with water and massage my scars away :)

Clear Skin Here i Come! Who's In it with me?

Log Starting Tomorrow :D

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If you do see results from this, my bet would be on the lemon water. I've found mixing the juice of an entire lemon with soda water very effective for me. Vitamins alone, including vitamin C and Zinc in the same dosages you're talking about, did nothing for me. But hey, we're all different, so good luck.

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AHHHH! I skipped the whole lemon water today,!

Vitamins alone, including vitamin C and Zinc in the same dosages you're talking about, did nothing for me.


Yesterday i friend slept over had no chance to wash my face last night but luckily no NEW breakouts.

My Complexion is getting better with the vitamin C yay! It is 500mg Vitamin C w/ Rosehips :) i already took 1gram this morning,and about to take another 500mg in a couple of hours then 2nite in the PM im taking another gram of Vit C, + Zinc!

BTW HELPP! My whiteheads are staying there and there ugly i dont want to pop them :[, What Over the COunter Product should i use?

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I'm not sure about over-the-counter. Anything with some salycilic acid in it will start to dry the pimples out most likely. You probably don't want anything with benzyl peroxide yet, it's pretty harsh stuff that you have to build up slowly.

I know a mixture of 1 part apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 or 2 parts water and applied with cotton buds does a pretty good job of killing whiteheads from personal experience, if you want to try off the counter. It'll probably be a lot cheaper than getting something from Neutrogena or wherever.

Try not to pick at them if you can.

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