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Clove or Oregano tea as a toner ingredient?

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I've been trying to find a water soluble antibacterial/antifungal to use in my homemade toner... but have gotten kind of stuck. I know both clove and oregano make great mouthwashes and antibacterial/antifungal teas... could the tea be used as the base of a toner, like green tea often is?

Then again, I know the active principles of cloves and oregano are phenols like eugenol, thymol, and carvacrol... which theoretically shouldn't disperse well in the water anyway :doh:

Any thoughts?

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I know that you can for sure make a clove tea- cloves are often used as ingredient in fruit soups/ compotes (fruit brew, used as a beverage or stock for a fruit soup)/ spice infused teas so some ingredients obviously dissolve in water. i don't know about oil which is particularly emphasized as antifungal. The same with lemon grass... It can be made into infusion, but is it close enough to properties of an antifungal oil?

And i didn't hear about people making themselves herbal teas as mouthwashes, rather dissolving essential oils in water for that purpose (mint (or peppermint, not sure, in polish there is no distinction between these two in common language), eucaliptus, salvia- to be exact)

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Oh gosh, this is rather old..

I decided to stay away from using such teas as toners because the same active chemicals that make them antibacterial/antifungal also make them quite irritating :(

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yeah, sorry, i know. i'm just skipping through random pages of these boards and posting my thoughts on different things whenever it seems to me as i have something anyhow worthwhile to say.

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