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what the fuck is wrong with the world.

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we live in a world where cosmetic companies sell make up thats supposed to hide your pores so that you can look like your made of porcelain. we are human, and we need pores in order to survive. if you dont have pores, ur life would fucking suck. another one is hair. hair is a perfectly natural thing but it is unacceptable for a girl to have any body hair. they have a great system going on, making something natural seem "ugly" . this destroys our self esteem, and they feed off of it. people will keep buying their shit in order to be beautiful, but the fact is that WE ARE HUMAN and because we are human we will never fit. its an unreachable dream.

we live in a world where something natural is considered ugly. we live in a world where being human is unacceptable... its a fucked up world we live in. seriously.

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Isn't it just disgusting? I was going to go on a huge agreeable rant, but fuck it. I'm in too bad of a mood as it is to start thinking about all the ways in which this world is fucked up and only getting worse. :lol:

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The world is always going to be fucked up. period.

Whatever is the norm, whatever the trend is, whatever is common, someone, somewhere is going to hate it.

There is nothing wrong with the world, because there never can be anything right with it. it is you alone who determines how you feel about it.


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Yep, it sucks which is why it's a great idea to ignore it. Do your own thing. Be the person that makes YOU happy. :)

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funny thing is i still want to be apart of it, even though i can see the flaws. i guess its simple sociology; nobody wants to be an outcast.

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