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Mr President

Massive fight with my derm today regarding scars

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I was chatting to my derm today and he has said some very specific things that have made me question whether i should remain seeing him. Im seeing him for my accutane treatments.

He told me to take all my accutane tablets at once each day, whilst ive read on here you should spread them throughout the day (to reduce any the strain on the liver). I did what he told me to do tonight and I felt quite sick. I shall go against him and take them throughout the day with meals.

He told me I should should excise each of my narrow ice pick scars. Mine are way too small for this and the smaller scars often left after such a procedure would be equal or larger to the scars i have now. There is no doubt this would have left me with worse scars and wouldve cost me a lot of money in the process. He then suggested laser. It seems like hes offering every stock standard treatment on the planet, without thinking about my individual type of scaring.

I was honest and said Ive found a great derm that does tca cross. He asked what tca cross was. he said tca would in no way reduce my scars and would simply peel the skin. When i told him ive had success with it in the past as have many other people Ive chatted to and he simply didnt answer.

He told me I was self treating, why should he even bother and I didnt know a thing about scar treatments. As with any concerned scar sufferer, ive read every treatment option in great detail and he has no right to put me down for expressing an opinion regarding my care. Its my face after all and I want the very best, so of course im going to research it, rather than let him cut into it.

Look he keeps me waiting to see him. He tells me my appointments are at 8:10 and im left sitting in his office until 8:40 cause he always overbooks. When I tell him my concerns, he just seems to ignore them and treat me like a complete idiot and im not !

Given i know all my dosage information (how much accutane i need to take and how many remaining months), i might just order my remaining accutane online. whilst it will cost me more, i wont have to pay for another consultation with him and he will not get another cent out of me.

i realise im probably not the easiest person to deal with. i am generally a nice person, but when it comes to scars, im sick of fighting with health care professionals regarding treatments !

Anyhoo I needed to vent. I dont mind if you agree with me or not, or even post anything here. I just needed to let it all out. Yay !

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Sorry you had to deal with that. I didn't think you could have any kind of scar revisions done while on accutane.

Some doctors have 'god complexes'. Assholes. You have every right to have a say in your treatment. It is a doctor/patient relationship not a doctor dictatorship.

Try to have a good day. Do something fun.

Oh and yes you do seem like a very nice person.


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adam-o i saw one who was pretty informative a few years ago. he was expensive, but amazing. given im more than half way though my course, and would have to wait months for a new consulation, i think i might just leave it. id love to see him, but it doesnt seem practical?

neuro - lol ur right about it being bad to have scar treatments whilst on accutane. ive been doing them for a few years now and have stopped for the accutane. i plan to start up again a few months after i finish my accutane.

anyhoo thanks for ur replies guys. its night time now, so will sleep on it :P i hope you both have awesome days though, given i bet its day time there now :)

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get a different derm maybe? or is this impossible?

i saw one who was pretty informative a few years ago. he was expensive, but amazing. given im more than half way though my course, and would have to wait months for a new consulation, i think i might just leave it. id love to see him, but it doesnt seem practical?

I see your point, but if its being counter productive it might be best to have a look into anyway, if not just stick it out till you finished your course.

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i perfectly understand what you feel..really why are there doctors who makes our suffering even heavier instead of helping us out. i hate doctors like that and almost all the derms i met are money grabbers and only made my skin worse. Some of my deep scars is tnx to their mistakes. that's why i stopped consulting derms. But my skin is getting even worse..just now 3 new scars appeared without a reason. So i need to go consult another one and hope this time i will be in good hands (fingers crossed).

I really smpathize with you. I also wish you luck. Keep up the spirit. Let's not lose hope. Since im getting my strength from all of you guys in here. :)

P.S. sorry if im kinda out of the topic

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yeh i did my first course of roaccutane through a derm but a couple years later i just got it straight from my gp and did it myself my dermatologist was a real stooge

IMO u should leave ur derm and just do it yourself

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One of the lessons I have learned being an acne sufferer-

doctors don't know shit.

Okay that was harsh. dont get me wrong I think medicine is an honorable occupation, there are just certan aspects I cannot stand...

1. some people just speacilise for the money they dont really give a shit which is tough because they are dealing with people and possibily their livelihoods. i remember a story about a girl who sawa specialist to get a brain tumor removed and while he was a top surgeon in australia she likened him to someone who could be a muderer if he wasnt a brain surgeon. no humanity/no compassion.

2. their opinion is god. because we havent been to medical school our opinion for our own body is null and void. i once had a doctor who told me to stop eating "hot" foods to cure my acne.

3. narrow world view. some dooctors do not think outside the square. they will keep prescribing the exact same thing over and over because they have a handbook that tells them a medication is suitable. Again another doctor kept prescrbing minocycline even though it was clear it had stopped working - i had sevre cystic acne that was getting worse by the day and she was so confused. She kept saying well it works for my other patients and kept handing me the same script. I eventually had to beg for a dermatologist referral.

ugh i gotta stop ranting fingers are sore:)


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hey, thanks so much for you reply guys ! its nice to know im not alone in all this. i feel bad for everyone else who has had negative experiences too. its terrible that you have.

its just freakin annoying. not only do we need to be experts in our own professions, but we also need to be experts whenever we need some health advice. it takes a lot of time and research. why arent doctors and derms doing this themselves?

i think we should all start up a practice and start treating people. theres a lot of people here whod be great to work with.

grr :P

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The unfortunate truth behond all of this is most doctors become frustrated when talking about depressed acne scars because there rally isn't much that can be done for them. I have spoken to many derms and have gotten this general consensus. The expense is often great and the results are less than ideal cosmetically. I hate to say it but most of us just have to live with them. I know I have for over 10 years and they only get WORSE. I have tried every single treatment out there, except for subcision and fat transfer.

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im planning on doing a number of tca cross treatments, followed by a fraxel repair once most of my scars are more level. tca cross is perhaps the only treatment on the site that gets consistently positive reviews. im thankful for that.

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