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I don't know what to do, honestly ='(

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I've had acne for 5 years so far. It began at the worst time. During freshman year of High School. I mostly had inflammed type pimples around my forehead area from the age of 13 to 15. At the time I used prescribed 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide Ointment, Salicylic acid cleanser pads and a bar of soap. My morning and night routine was first wash my face with a oil free moisturizing soap, then dry my face and wipe it down with the Salicylic acid cleanser pads, then finish it off by rubbing in the Benzoyl Peroxide Ointment and it seemed to have cleared my Acne up. I only had a few blemishes that were only noticeable when you were very close to my face and stared at my forehead searching for blemishes. My friends told me "Dude, you cleared up!". All I could do was smile as my self esteem rose sky high. They asked what I used and I told them my routines every morning and night. They thought I used Proactive, Marketing these days...

For the 1 year I was nearly free of blemishes I had a great life. Going out with friends, talking to girls and just having fun. Then I turned 16 and acne targeted me like it was a nuke. The pimples slowly started coming back and this time they had SHIELDS! Because nothing I threw at them would make them go away. I'm now 18 and my acne is at it's worst. My family told me it's Hormones and I'm going through puberty late. The acne is now primarily around my cheek and jaw areas instead of my forehead like before. Why is that? I haven't been to a Dermatologist yet because I do not want to go on Accutane because I'm afraid of the short term and long term side-effects. I've tried my old routine, Murad, Proactive, Pronexin, off the counter acne products and right now I'm using MaxClarity. Still no signs of improvement. The pimples will decrease in height and slowly disappear and then they come right back inflammed and slightly painful to touch. They are very resistant to everything. It's really impacting my life because I no longer go outside unless it's really necessary. So, I come here asking for any help on how I can possibly fight this plague we call "Acne".

I've included pictures so you guys can see what I'm going through. Would you label this as moderate or sever acne?

Thank you for your help.





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The reason why your first break out on your forehead was easy to clear up is because it was topical - and you dried them to death with the stuff you listed. Your current situation is internal as well as external. DO go to a doctor and a dermatologist because you need both fighting power now.

For me, I never had acne until a year ago (age 25) when I started getting them on my cheek and jaw line. Ive been on Solodyne, which was a total waste of money and did absolutely nothing.

The only thing that seems to be working right now for me is Doryx 150 mg and this hormonal pill. I recommend you go to the dermatologist and try it for a month, its really helped me. Ive been on it for a month so far and Ive seen gradual great results, Im excited to see my results 3 months from now.

Also, I went to the female doc to get some hormonal balancing meds and I think the combination of Doryx and yaz is the right balance. Obviously you are a dude so go to a Doc who can give you pills that will help your hormones balance out (which is usually the cause for breaking out in those particular areas).

I hope this helps, good luck.

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hey man, my best suggestion for you is to visit a good dermatologist and find out what's going on. I too suffered from acnes and used all sorts of over counter ( cheap) stuff until recently I visited. I was put on minocyclin ( pills), as well as tretinoin cream and benzoyl peroxide ( prescription ones). I'm seeing some results. remember that it has to get worse before it gets better.

Also, you want want to consider applying sunscreen when you're out in the sun. It does irritate your skin and casue the red marks to become permanent. And lastly, don't pick them or squeeze them.

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I know you said that you were afraid of Accutane, but I really think you could benefit from using it. You'll get monthly blood tests, so the doctors can keep tabs on your liver, triglycerides, etc. and if you experience any side-effects from it you could stop it immediately. I've been on Accutane twice and it worked wonders for me; the only side-effects I experienced were chapped lips and the occassional mild nosebleed.

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