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ok so i heard about olive oil as a facial wash, i had naturally smooth and good skin i only started doing the facials to close my pores.. anywY, after trying the olive oil i have completly broken out with acne which ive never had before.. just a theory .. maybe its the olive oil and the facial mask thats bringing out all the dirt and stuff that was in there? i have since then stopped and im about to start freaking out i had beautiful clear skin, now i look like a 15year old boy hitting puberty ! someone please please help me!!?

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Olive oil broke me out aswell, although it has good moisturizing properties it clogs my pores like mad, Ive tried alot of oils and out of all of them Id have to recommend sunflower oil, it moisturizes, doesnt irritate the skin and most importantly it doesnt cause breakouts.

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Olive oil is thick and comedogenic in most people. It's used in the oil cleansing method only because its mixed with lighter oils and cleansing oils like castor oil. In addition, the oil is wiped away after it does its job. So yes, its most likely that the olive oil is clogging your pores directly and causing your breakouts if you're leaving it on your skin, or not washing it away completely.

Acne is not caused by dirt, and pores cannot be opened and closed. Stop using the olive oil, and you should be fine in no time. If you want to use an oil as a moisturizer, try grapeseed or jojoba - both don't cause breakouts in most people.

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Olive oil is being used for making soap since ancient times whereas use of colloidal ..... blackheads, nodules, whiteheads, pimples, papules, pustules etc. ....

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