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A question about Probiotic supplements

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OK - I'm currently taking (oxy)tetracycline 250mg, and have been doing so for about seven months.

I've read that antibiotics such as this also kill the 'good' bacteria that your body needs to stay healthy, and as such, is why a lot of people don't agree with antibiotics - right?

My question is - if, as I intend, I start taking a probiotic supplement to counteract this, will I effectively be working against the tetracycline's effectiveness?

i.e: will the probiotics only be replacing the same bacteria the tetracycline antibiotic was meant to get rid of in the first place - and, as such, taking me back to square one again? confused.gif

Thanks guys.

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good question! the answer is NO. The tetracyclin kills good and bad bacteria. it is the 'bad' bacteria that causes acne, not the good, good bacteria actually helps acne. so you will only be helping yourself by taking probiotics, your tetra will still work just as well, an you'll be getting some good bacteria too.. just make sure you dont take them at the same time.. take the probiotics 2 hours before or after the anti's.. so the anti wont totally kill the probiotic... hope that helps! caroline

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