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David S.

Pubic Acne help

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Alright fellas, around 3 weeks ago i shaved my pubes for the first time, after the 45 minutes of shaving i put on cetaphil to counteract any irritation, sadly that didn't work. Got bad itching on the area i have shaved got incredibly, with a little of anti itch cream that sensation was gone by next morning but then i started to develop pimples, not huge but like noticable size, some even had a little shine to it, i'm using the cetaphil moisterizer once or twice a day and not much better, luckily half the zits were gone by the next week but still have some a little above where the penis starts. yeah i've read some of the other threads you guys have about pubic acne but i would like some help for my personal case, these zits have been around for 2 weeks and are getting annoying. I'll take any kind of advice.

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Wait, so who told you using cetaphil after shaving would help? Not that it would hurt but..

Anyway, I'm 99% sure what you have are ingrown hairs. Pubic ingrown hairs are stubborn because of the (obviously) damp, restricted area they are in. It's likely that you also have some secondary bacterial or fungal infection.

In any case you need to do two things:

1) Clean thoroughly and dry thoroughly.

2) Exfoliate to help release the ingrown hair, so the body will stop treating it like a foreign particle

3) Kill the microbes that are causing an infection

For 1, you can probably use something stronger than cetaphil. Irritation is not the issue as much as the simple mechanics of the hair follicle. Use your body wash, and gently scrub. Dry really well before moving on.

For 2, you need to use an AHA or BHA to chemically exfoliate the area. In my experience, using a strong glycolic acid cream (AHA) will almost immediately release ingrown hairs and let life go back to normal. BHA treatments are harder to find and more expensive, but will also help. In an area with such thick skin, there should be no problem with using both.

For 3, your best bet is tea tree oil. It works as both an antibacterial and an antifungal. Dilute it into a carrier oil like jojoba, and apply it. Some people dilute it in water, but I really don't get how that works, considering the tea tree oil just separates out ? You could also mix it in your hand with the AHA cream. Other options include neem oil, a combination of neosporin and neomycin, or oregano oil.. and countless other possible antifungals and antibacterials.

If you need to use a powder to keep the area dry, do it. Gold bond powder works wonders for a lot of people.

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me and my boyfriend both shave. we joke around about that. ur razor was probaby dull.

you have to use a new razor every time u shave and you still have to lather it up and dont ever shave when its DRY do it when its wet and soapy.

ingrown hairs can get infected and make those pimples. they are fun to pop n stuff but when u do u have to pull out the hair as well. those will DEFINANTLY scar if u pick at them.

it will go away in time. just becareful next time. shaving ur pubes is like shaving ur face. never do it dry or with a dull razor. even if u think ur skin down there is tough.

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just my 2 cents. next time don't shave. shaving down there always seems to be a bigger hassle and just look worse in the end.

groom yourself. trim the stuff, you know make it look pretty but don't shave. just not worth it.

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to greentiger, do you know how much the AHA cream and tree oil are. and to afrillis, did you ever have these before, if so how long did it take for them to go away, i got a couple of them since early June

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