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My Pixel laser experience- June 2010

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Hi there,

I had my pixel treatment done this week. I am in my thirties, asian, and have a little acne scarring and uneven texture/color around my cheeks. I went in on Monday (today is Wed) and had the cheeks and temple (both sides) pixel'ed at power 500 setting. She wanted to go conservative to see how I would react. I appreciated this because I would rather experience the first time results without seeing permanent damage and go higher on subsequent visits. The procedure lasted 10 minutes max and she applied cold wet towel post treatment- felt nice. I left the clinic, drove home, and appliced water compression the rest of the day. My face was minimally red after 4 hours or so which I believe is due to the low laser setting. Day 2 was not bad at all. I applied the moisturizer and washed my face gently with the cleanser both provided by the clinic. Today at Day 3, I do notice a bit of flaking but not much. As for results, I do notice smoother texture and I believe the overall tone and the scars have improved. I had a test pixel done (year ago) at a different clinic on my left temple at setting 1000 (I believe). With the second treatment on the same place (1st testing and this weeks), I do notice a much smoother toning and scars 70% less deep. The cost was $175. I will go back in 5 to 6 weeks for my second treatment at setting 800 to 1000 (she recommended this). I think I will do 3 to 4 treatments altogether.

On another note, do you guys have experience with the product NeoStrata Skin Renewal Peel Solution? I read good reviews on this. Would this help my oily skin and perhaps aid in minimzing my skin condition?

Would love to hear others pixel related stories.

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Sadly, I must agree with Ziko that what you're probably experiencing is called microswelling. However, don't be discouraged by this! It takes several weeks to months for the collagen to begin to fill in your scars. It sounds to me like you're on a good path towards helping to minimize your scars.

I too am in my 30's and am having the eMatrix RF sublative rejuvenation treatments done. I've had my 1st 2 weeks ago and am scheduled for my next on July 19th. It will be nice to be able to compare "notes" with other people who are trying different methods to help treat their scars.

I wish you nothing but the best and I hope you're able to truly reduce your scars by 70% or more!!

Keep us posted on your progress.

God Bless!

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