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Day 1 of tackling my chest break outs!

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My mom sent me 2 tubes of Epiduo in the mail and last night was the first time I used it. My friend had looked it up briefly on line and read that it would make the acne worse before it got better and I can't believe that after 1 use my chest is scary looking! Honestly, it grosses me out to look at it. Acne is coming out from under my skin all over my entire chest. I found this sight just now and thought tht it was really cool and might help me track my progress. I am looking forward to learning from everyone ele's posts. I am wondering if I should wash my chest once a day (only at night) or teice a day (at night and in the morning as well.) I just bought Johnson & Johnson's PURPOSE because it's soap free and gentle. I am reading Paula Begoun's book, Don't Go To The Cosmetic Counter Without Me. EVERYONE SHOULD READ HER BOOK! I am learning a lot. I just bought a new sunblock, Aveeno Continuous Protection SPF 30 and I tried it for the first time yesterday. Yesterday I was having a bad face break out and today it's bad too. I think that it's hormonal. My period ended about 2 or 3 days ago. My problem is my chest not my face. But I'd like to track when my breakouts for both my chest and face occur. I have never been able to wear things that show my skin on my chest becasue my acne is so bad. I am tired of having to buy shirts that revolove around my chest acne. It would be sooooo nice to be able to wear what I like any time! Hopefully the Epiduo will solve my problem!

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It is interesting indeed.

Myself, when i had 'acne' chest problems, i didn't really have acne at all! My dermatolgist perscribed me Liprox cream (anti-fungal cream) and that cleared me up. So in my instance, a side effect of my minocyclin actually caused fungus infections on my chest.

If you are sure about your chest being acne however, you'll have to be prepared for the typical initial breakout. It is most likely gonna look worse before it gets better.

Like most acne medication, it takes a good 3-6 months to see the best results.

I'd wash your chest once a day in the morning. Leave the epiduo on all day to allow it to fully soak in. if you tend to exercise, it might be best to do an exercise routine before taking a shower and applying the epiduo, or you might end up sweating off the medication

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