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I never post on these particular boards, although I have defintely been affected by acne. I got a pretty bad breakout a few months ago and though it's mostly cleared up my self-esteem is still recovering...

Since I never really had a huge problem with pimples-- just a few here or there-- my breakout really affected me. I began obsessing over every pore and even today I have probably every redmark, no matter how faded, memorized on my face.

I live in Japan and my breakout happened here due to a number of things... it was a perfect storm. Anyway, I went back to visit my family for the first time in 8 months back in March and April, and before I left I had nearly flawless skin and when I went back I was so terrified they would think I was ugly and gross. Of course, they said it was not nearly, nearly as bad as I made it out to be.

My sister and I have also struggled with weight and body image issues, especially my sister (ha, we are all so neurotic, aren't we?). I was talking to her about my skin and my concerns and she was like, you know what, obviously you would feel better if you had perfect skin right now, but WHY are you obsessing when you know it does no good?

I really asked myself that question, as has she over the years, and she told me this: that obsession is really a perceived method of control, and that you feel like if you DON'T obsess you're somehow accepting your condition, and accepting that you're "ugly".

Either way, your acne will look the same, and even if it ISN'T the most attractive phase of your life stressing is probably just making things worse.

Something to think about!

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Yeah stress just leads to more acne, unfortunately. You might have broke out because I'm guessing your diet changed a lot? Makes sense. If this is it, you can avoid the stress next time =)

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