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Hi all.. so this is more relevant to PF of the scalp and face than body.. but ive had SERIOUS trouble with this fungus and its led to BOAT LOADS of hair loss.. i mean boat loads. i rarely experience it on my body, just my face. my derm. finally diagnosed it after a couple of years of consistently greasy face, tetracylines, and what appeared to be persistent acne. so last summer, i began treating it with beta med beta care shampoo and loprox and the shedding/facial irritation seemed to decrease pretty substantially. however, i eased up on the use (not knowing that this condition was chronic) and the hair started falling out. so i returned to my previously succesful scalp care regimen and have been following it for 6 weeks but NOTHING is helping. in fact, its getting worse.

what im wondering is this-- how much of a problem is it that im in houston (notoriously humid)? i literally never go outside for this reason.. i move from one airconditioned environment to the next and work in a lab (which is FREEZING). i received one of the best opportunities of my life.. working at one of the medical centers here.. but the hair loss has become so traumatic (im an 18 year old girl and starting college next summer.. balding was not on the menu) that im considering quitting and going up to colorado for the summer if humidity plays that large of a role in aggravting this thing.

thanks guys. im so desperate i cant even begin to tell you. any suggested regimens to keep this thing under control would be GREATLY appreciated. also wondering if leaving my hair wet (it's long) and putting it up in a bun is bad for it? its just so hard to dry out..... but is it really affecting the condition that much? would it be worth it to go on an anti-fungal/accutane?

again, thanks. :( this has been going on for way too long. im so desperate to alleviate the symptoms ASAP but dont want to aggravate it/build up resistance if this is a life long situation. (PS ive always prided myself on my hair.. now ive had people ask if i have androgenic alopecia.. just to demonstrate how severe the problem has become).

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