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Heart Palpitations?

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So my heart is doing weird things..

it would beat really slow, my pulse felt softer than usual, and then it would suddenly start beating really fast as though it was trying to catch up.

It only happened when I was lying down and it kept me awake because everytime it started beating fast it was enough to wake me up. Then I'd get dizzy until it slowed down again.

It happened 2 nights ago and I was fine last night, so maybe I'll go see a doctor if it happens again.

Does anyone know what this could be or if it could be related to accutane?

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Moved to accutane posts. Could be related to Accutane. Could be related to dehydration. Check with your doctor for sure.

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Not sure when you started accutane but I experienced the same thing the 1st or 2nd night I took it and it hasn't reoccurred since.

I consulted my GP & Derm and they were fine with me continuing as long as it wasn't a normal occurrence. I had a TON of lab work done in addition to the ones required for accutane and eveything came back within normal range.

Read my post, perhaps maybe you had anxiety as I did...

Hope all is well!!



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