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can anyone confirm if they are red marks and if they are whats the best treatment to get my skin in 1 tone not all this red skin

got told aloe vera is good.. any others?

please help me dont know what to do..

edit: pics removed..

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It does seem that you have marks and that they are indeed red :) Your picture is a bit blurry thou.

There are many treatments you can try, just checkout the threads on this board. Some work for some people, some dont work at all. Its all trail and error.

Make sure that you invest in a good sunscreen and moisturiser. Remember preventing new breakouts is also very important. A cream with 10% AHA might be a good starting point if you also have closed comedones.

Personally from all the things I've tried, nothing has worked better to fade the marks then time - sometimes you just got to wait it out.

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They seem like acne, not marks. I have acne just like this on my cheeks and today i went to the dermatologist and i asked him and he said i dont have any post marks yet. He said post marks won't be that visible.

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1 says marks 1 says acne, mixed answers just great lol i know i got some acne but i think half are just marks..

i took these with my pda so yeh they bit blurry i could try take another one with lower res i think that might make the quality better will try post a better pic in 5mins

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yeah i think there marks.. its smooth but i do got some acne left but half is prob marks.

aloe vera better work with red marks

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