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what is your summer style?

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Ha, my usual clothes... I still have confidence issues but I will keep an eye on this thread!

Makeup? I keep it super simple. I have a few red scars on my cheeks and if I put blush on there, they kinda look more obvious. But I hate using concealer on them. I will usually just leave the rest of my face alone and concentrate on the eyes.

As for hair? I have curly hair and I never know what to do with it. Ugh. I must look so freakin' boring...

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So all!

lets discuss your summer style! how you get dressed in summer? whats your favorite hair-do casually and formally?

and what about make up? ;)

It gets insanely hot here, but I have to dress conservatively at work (bummer). No tank tops, shorts, or flip flops. That's what I run around in at home. If going off somewhere, I like to wear long flowy skirts. They're so cute.

I'm trying to grow my hair as long as possible so keep it up a lot in buns or a simple braid to minimize damage. That's an all season thing.

Since it gets so hot and humid, the makeup is kept to a minimum in the summer. Seriously, you walk outside and the stuff slides right off. Bleh. It sucks because the humidity ends up exposing any blemishes.

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you are right! its tough to carry on your style in summer. you have to be pretty cautious especially about the makeup. But i know there are many makeup products which are made only for the summer season so better try one of those.

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Hmm, well in Australia it's quite warm all year around. (And right now it is winter)

For casual my hairs either down straight, tied up, or in two braids. I have straight bangs.

For formal... normally down straight or messy beach sorta waves. Just "indie" hairstyles mostly. With headbands.

For clothing, shorts, denim minskirts, tanks, dresses, just my own sorta style. I wear what I want basically.

Uhm for makeup, primer, concelear, powder and mascara and maybe black eyeliner. And then vaseline on lips, bout it.

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It's been unusually cool here (under 80F) so I've been in jeans. When it gets hot, I really love loose-fitting tops, high-waisted skirts, and shorts. I'm obsessed with sandals too...I think I have at least a dozen pairs. I just got these in the blue color and I love 'em.

Oh yeah and as far as hair goes, I wear mine in a braid pretty often. I like ponytails too, especially when I wrap some hair around the hair tie, makes it look a little more polished.

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