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Hey, I would say I have very moderate acne. I'm a 19 year old male who has been dealing with acne since I was about 13 or 14. My acne was very bad at one point.. I had acne on my chest and back. It wasnt the kind that left bad scars but there were some cysts, mostly white heads and such. When I was about 17 I changed my whole life. I began getting sun, exercising and eating like a saint and getting plenty of water. This suprisingly healed the acne on my back and chest 100 percent and I lost 15 pounds and I'm great physical shape. However.. The acne on my face has gotten better but the breakouts will not stop. My breakouts are mainly around my mouth and dont seem to be any where else and I do get cysyts on my kneck every once in awhile. I went to a dermatologist because I was desperate and I was prescribed doxycycline. I had to stop because the side effects almost killed me. My face always feels oliy no matter what I do or what I put on it.. I know that the oil is behind all of this.. Sometimes I get pissed off and just want to risk it all and take accutane :dance: .. But I don't think I would get a prescription for it.. Any Ideas on how to get rid of this acne and how to make my skin feel less oliy ?

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Heyy :)

For oil control, have you tried the Garnier Shine Control Moisturiser? It works pretty well, I can have matte skin for about 5-8 hours which is a VAST improvement, believe me.

I can't really help with the acne stuff, I just took tetralysal tablets and they worked real well so I've never had to try other things. Although I do have to start looking now, my doctor won't give them to me for a few months because I need a "break"! You can try the apple cider vinegar toner. I've just started using it and it's turning out pretty good! Good luck with whatever you try :)

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