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Arghh!! Forget about what the meaning to life is! How does one get rid of acne!!

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Yep. I'm 16 years old and suffering from moderate acne. Like everyone else, I was a clear faced happy 10 year old boy till I hit puberty. My acne became one of the first things people thought of when seeing me.

"Oh, look at that kid. He probably doesn't wash his face."

Yeah. If I got a dollar for everytime I washed my face I would be a billionare... Well, not really. I only wash my face an average of 2 times a day. And no. No ones ever told me that I needed to wash my face, it's what I think when I see a mirror.

I have only visited the doctors 4 times about my acne but I have given up almost all hope on visiting regular doctors and am now planning to see a dermatologist.

At school, people don't call me out on my acne on a regular basis but it happens occassionally.

I only try to avoid mirrors when others are around but when alone I could spend hours trying to make myself look better.

I used to have healthy looking straight hair but that too ended when I hit puberty. It was the second thing on my list of things to fix, acne being the first of course. From the age of 12 to 15 I would spend hours trying to pull my hair straight and wetting it so that it would stop looking so dry and frizzy. Now I have a hair straightener which I only use on the bad hair days.

I've tried going on a diet which included buying salads for lunch at school and avoiding fast foods at all cost but the improvement was so not visable that I gaved up after 2 months.

So what can I say? I'm asian and my acne looks terrible. I don't tend to get whiteheads but my acne gives part of my skin a darker complexion and others an eye catching red. My right cheek is a battlefield of darkish red dots, my nose is smooth but there was some huge ass acne/pimple on it before so it left a dark mark on my nose. Around the sides and bottom of my nose is reddish acne and below my lips are redish acne which usually turns into whitehead. I have some acne on my forehead but not comparable to my right cheek. On the side of my head (the temples I believe it is called) are some dark and reddish spots. My left cheek is OK.

It's been 4 months and my acne has only been getting slightly worse. I think I have acne scar but I don't know what to do about them. All I know is that this Epiduo gel does nothing. I use a Oxy Maximum Face Scrub every 2-3 days and tea tree oil face wash. Anyone got any other recommendations?

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Hey listen these gels you're using are useless. Use Dan's regimen see how it works. Don't scrub your face please - it's stupid and doesn't work you'll just regret it later when your left with red marks.

Doctors / GPs are useless. The dermatologist is the only person that can help you.

Ask your parents to order you the products for an early birthday present if need be.

Your acne "scar" may not be a scar just a temporary (6 month~) red mark. Tea tree oil in my experience isn't effective for acne, just the odd spot.

So to summarise: Get dan's products. Never ever press against your face. Realise ordinary doctors know nothing or very little about acne. Acne.org is your best resource. Peace out.

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