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first time on accutane, Australia

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Hi all.

After 6 months on different drugs and creams prescribed by my dermatologist, he has decided to put me on roacuttane.

I am from Australia, male, 6ft6inches tall and 100kg (roughly) I am a field worker in the local council and my job gets fairly strenuous. I am exposed to the sun alot, and play rugby league on weekends.

When I went to the dermatologist, I forgot to ask and he forgot to mention when to take the tablet. He said take it with a meal, but am unsure if I should take it at night or in the morning? Night time would be best for me, but can take it in morning if necessary.

Also, he prescribed me Roaccutane Capsules 20mg

I asked for a cheaper brand if they had it, the brand name is Oratane 60 Isotretinion capsules 20mg

Is that the same drug? I sure hope so.

Thanks for your time.

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Hi Mate,

Doesnt really matter which meal you take the pill with, as long as you take it the same time everyday, and try to take it with a nice fatty meal to maximise absorption of the drug.

Roaccutane and Oratane are essentially the same thing, just different brands.

Also seeing as you're always out in the sun, its extra important that you apply sunscreen!..heaps of it! your skin becomes very sensitive on accutane, and applying generous amounts of sunscreen will reduce the chances of scarring.

Good luck mate!

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