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so i tried using manuka honey and it DID NOT go well at all

this was a few weeks ago

it gave me red inflamed skin that took so long to heal

it burned and itched and peeled off and scarred

at first i assumed it was an allergic reaction, but now i'm wondering if my ummf is too high

it was a umf of 20

is that just too high? or does my skin seriously react badly to it?

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currently applying a mask of egg, manuka honey, and lotion to the left side of my face as a test

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Weird. As far as I know, manuka honey has no side effects. Maybe you're allergic (though very rare, it can happen)? Or maybe it's not from an organic source and it contains some plant toxins that your skin doesn't respond well to? I tried to do a search for you, but whatever I search for (side effects, allergies, etc.), I only find that manuka honey is actually being used to treat symptoms, I haven't seen a single page where it says that it causes any side effect whatsoever. Maybe -like you said- UMF 20 is a bit too strong in your case, but again: it shouldn't give you any problem under normal circumstances. Not much of a help, sorry. But good luck in trying to find out what caused your skin to react so badly.

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Your manuka honey is way too high. There's a lot of different opinions on google.

This website recommends 16+: http://benefitofmanukahoney.com/umf/

This one 16+ to 18+ for external uses: http://www.manukahoneyusa.com/UMF-Rating.htm

So, I will say 16+ is about right. With manuka honey, higher UMF does not equal better because the higher the UMF the stronger it is at killing bacteria, and your skin is suppose to have bacteria.

I use 15+, if you decide to buy a lower UMF manuka honey make sure it says UMF on the label.

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