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do androgen blockers make you gain weight?

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i know testosterone helps keep you lean, so would something like saw palmetto make you gain hip and other female type weight?

i just don't get it- i have thick, excess body hair, hormonal body and chin acne, and yet also dry skin, low libido, and easy weight gain

so it seems like i have both too much and too little testosterone!

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i'm so sorry! i didn't mean to post 4 of these! if a mod could delete 3 of them that'd be great, thank you

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Don't worry about it, it happens. :D

Are you a male or female?

It just sounds like your body is out of whack. Trying anything fancy like androgen blockers will just mess things up even more. Eat simple low carb foods to avoid hormonal spikes and let things recover naturally. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and bok choy can help the liver filter out bad hormones.

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Everyone's body does slightly different things with the resources it has. I'm female and have a curvy body type, but excess body hair and acne. My sister has what we call 'athletic' build which means not curvy, no waist, yet she has little unwanted body hair.

And have you tried a nutrient dense, blood sugar stabilizing diet yet? More info on ways to improve hormone balance: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...t&p=2574328

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I'm no expert but this sounds like a hormonal problem, most likely some kind of complex interplay between testosterone, DHT and estrogen.

Get your blood tested for any hormonal imbalances then try eating a healthier diet, no grain, pasta, sugar, dairy, legumes or tubers. That should help a lot.

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thanks for the help, guys!

i'm a girl, btw

yes, i once got tested for hormone problems, but they didn't test everything. i'm going to try to get tested again.

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