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Hi everyone

I've had a look through the forums but wasn't really enlightened, as I think usual practices may differ from country to country.

I'm in Sydney, Australia and I've started my second month on isotretinoin... however my dermatologist asks me to come back for an appointment every 4 weeks, and that I have a blood test every 4 weeks (as you can imagine this gets very expensive). She also doesn't give any repeats.

Does it sound normal that I'm being asked to go back so frequently?

Also, each consultation only lasts about 5-10min and she never really examines my skin closely... is this a problem? Or do others find it is the same too?

I was also slightly taken aback when she started promoting Amway skincare products to me and recommended that I buy product X and Y (and took my cash and gave me change in the consultation room without a receipt of any kind).

Is there any real reason to be concerned or is this pretty usual?

Thanks everyone, I would really appreciate your thoughts!

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I'm not in Australia, but treatment has been the same for me. I was told by my derm that they cannot prescribe more than 30 days worth of pills at any one time, and that the blood tests are essential should Accutane effect you in a way it shouldn't.

I've seen a number of different derms / nurses, some inspect my skin very closely, others barely look at it. I think it's just down to the individual. As for promoting other products, that doesn't sound like the norm to me. I've been provided with ointment for dry skin in the consultation room, but never charged for it.

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Im from W.A australia, and I must say my derm does come across as rather slack, but then again so am I so it kinda works :)

He's happy meeting me once every 2 months, and our appts like yours, generally only go for about 15-20 mins. There have been times where I've been concerned about my development and have requested to see him earlier than scheduled but generally its not that often.

I've also only had one blood test, and that was a week before I was to commence accutane , just to confirm everything was in working order. Im not 4 mnths in, and since then my derm generally justs asks how my bodies going, and is quite happy to take my word for it rather than see further blood tests.

Luckily, apart from dry skin/lips I havent experienced too many other side effects, I feel healthy still.

Okay sorry, Im rambling now, I guess it just comes down to your derm, I'd say its better I suppose that your being asked back so frequently, its always better to be prudent.

and if your visits are lasting that long, then, thats probly a good sign, that things are on track!

Good luck!

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thanks to both of you!

no bleeding lips (touch wood) - just a little dry, and apart from a mild nosebleed no real side effects!

i wonder if it's worth increasing to 60mg/day from 40mg/day... i'm 55kg

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