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Red dots months after a single pimple.

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Alright, so I started getting acne when I was around 15 years old. It was bad for a year or so, and since then ive only had break outs a couple times a year on my cheeks and nose. The thing that bothers me now is that some of my break-outs are leaving red dots that take months to years (4-24) to go away (No I am not poping them). My skin is smooth where these red dots are.

acne started: 15yr

age now: 20yr

acne: moderate

break-out spots:

1. Cheeks - occuring every 4-6 months and leaving red dots for 4-24 months.

I wash my face twice a day, morning and night with a facial soap cleanser and ive been putting white toothpaste on upcoming pimples and it seems to be working for me by drying out the pimple and also a bit of skin tone change where my red dots are.

Ive never used medication or anything in that area to treat my acne except facial soap + toothpaste.

Before I head out to the doctors and get something perscribed id like to have a little knowledge on the topic or what has worked for you ladies and gentalmen. Maybe a really good home remedy or maybe medicine.... treatment?

I appreciate the advice, also cheers to this site. Thanks.

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Your first step is finding a skin care routine that works for you, so that you can prevent any new red marks. You might have success with a change in diet, prescription medications, over the counter topicals...etc etc etc. Have a look around and see what you fancy. =]

Emu oil is great for helping fade fresh red marks.

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I found using toothpaste left behind some of the worst red marks I had. Same with benzoyl peroxide. Could just be my skin though.

Red marks are part of acne. Acne is after all inflamed pores and your skin will take its time to heal. Some might disappear quickly, some will take up to a year. You need to get rid of active acne before you think of dealing with the marks. If you are seeing your doctor, consider a combo of a topical antibiotic and a retinoid like differin. Or if you want to stick with over-the counter products then I would recommend tea tree oil and aloe vera, or you could try a cream with 10% AHA.

Make sure you are using a good moisturiser and sunscreen - both are important for acne prone skin.

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