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Accutane: Again, Still Not Working

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So I just finished my Second Course of accutane a week ago, already I'm starting to see pimples coming to the skin.

Just like last time, it looked gread while on it, and immediately I'm already seeing pimples. I was on around 6-7 months I forget exactly, I was taking 100mg a day.

Why is it coming back again after Accutane, and how can I make it STOP! I already ahve a healthy, clean diet, and no cream has ever worked for me! What do I do!? I hate myself when I have acne.

Could it be chlorine from the pool irritating it? Sun? What, it has to be something! I thought accutane was suppseod to be a miracle pill! I paid $240 a month for it from my own money, and I'm 17 years old! HELP!

EDIT: I never raelly broke out on accutane like everyone says they do. Just started to clear, no rael breakoutl Either time I was on it. And I;m not taking this stuff again, its too expensive, and obviously doesn't work.

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A 'clean, healthy diet' can mean so many things. Check out nutrition and holistic health to make sure you're following a low GI and low inflammatory diet.

Sun can cause acne formation. Chlorine can irritate some people's skin and cause acne. Acne's multifactorial and it's difficult to say what exactly causes each person's: your age, genetics, environment, hormones, other medications, whatever you're using on your skin, the diet, etc. Your cleansing routine may be too harsh or you may be using products that aren't helpful to acne-prone skin.

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