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FINALLY! Something is working!

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My case: moderate with some periods of severe acne for 5 years. 5 different dermatologists. nothing worked.

Although I am not completely acne-free, it is so much better than it used to be. I wanted to share what worked for me because I hope it will help someone else.

Dove body bar soap and a daily sweat.

That's it. I have tried so many things, but nothing has worked as well as SWEATING. I have a fast metabolism, so I never regularly exercised in high school. The past few weeks ago, however, I have been pretty bored and running has helped me clear up with little other effort. I still have a serious sebum oil spill on my face every once in a while, but no new acne since last week.

So, sweating has worked wonders for me.

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thats awsome bro very cheap regimen hahah but for the oil id recommend taking B5, seems like you would only need a few a day since its not that bad, but then again if your clearing up good you might not want to change anything ya kno. goodluck hope it keeps working

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another reason to start getting in shape - starting tomorrow! lol I'm glad it worked for you. now that I think about it, I think my acne didn't bother me as much when I exercised regularly. good luck!

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So, sweating has worked wonders for me.

Since sweat contains salt, this might go back to why the sea salt method works so well for others. Something i am looking into.

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